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    A Merry Christmas to everyone!~

    Merry Christmass to everyone & anyone, whoever & wherever you are, I hope all your dreams & aspirations come true. May life continue side by side with happiness, for without happiness life is but resistance to death. Merry Christmas all.:D
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    Mr Satan the explosion was far away from both of us, i exploded in mid air, and i tried to do it again and it happened, twice in fact. This should be in the bug section, i will place there and delete this thread soon. Sorry for the inconvenience Moderators. .Panda. o_o
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    Found a new bug yesterday, thought that i should report it, this is what happened: I was playing on a home made server (not mine but great ping 36 or so) with about 4 players, i got into a powr struggle i was wining slightly then i ran out of all energy, so i thought i'd press turbo to see...
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    Melee good or bad you decide. (Official Melee Post)

    Hi everyone, its been a while since i posted but i still read the forums alot. Seeing as i couldn't be bothered reading through all 11 pages of posts I thought id just give my 2 cents on what I think the melee system is like and what type of changes i think should be incorporated. First id...
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    Boasting Your Power

    I don't think you understand, i don't care about the scouters i just wan't to see larger power up effects, because the ones that are currently in the beta (that i have seen) are to small for what i think they should be. I didn't mean to sound nasty Big.
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    Boasting Your Power

    Hello Everyone, i'd like to make just a very simple, easy (i hope) & quick suggestion. I have seen the new power up effect, & i like it alot, but the power-up is IMOHO is tiny, maybe it would be good to make it the larger your powerlevel is the larger your turbo & power-up effect is, i.e larger...
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    Power Ups

    Hello people, i have seen the new movie clips & I think the mod looks awsome so far, but there was one thing that i found not to my likeing. The effect is great, don't get me wrong but the size of the powerup is very small, personally i would like to see it increased if not a little....I know...
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    Teleport Issues

    Just think for a second how fast 1000 times the speed of light is, it takes around 10 minutes for the suns beams to reach us & thats just 1 times, now multiply that by 1000. The afterlife is a click away for that speed. Damn fast.
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    i like this...

    Great idea i like it, seems to me that it would be a good addition after the beta is released ( like i could wait any longer :rolleyes: )
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    Agreed, if cell dies he dies the way he is along with the rest of the non-saiyens, even frieza doesnt un-transform so to speak. Although it would be awsome for saiyans none the less.
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    Nice idea there Vegeta, that would be a nice add on, good thinking! I don't know how the coding will go though, may be a bit difficult. I think that effect would be another smear of true atmosphere, i like it!
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    saiba men

    I was thinking it would be a cell move, 3 mini cells come to mind (not sabamen) but it would take all his ki up. And he couldn't put any others out to fight until they were all destroyed. Just a thought, not for the beta for other versions. ( i don't wanna delay it any more than it is)
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    hard hit

    I have tried to do this before on maps, but its to time consuming to do it. Probably the easiest thing would be to just make parts of the map be breakable, walls or parts of building, i remember a friend of mine doing a map with a slowly destroyable bulding, like peice by peice it would slowly...
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    Japanese acting

    I'm sorry but i think i will have to agree that the english ones are best, and i have heard many translations, even spanish, which is also beefy. I think i prefer the english voices because they sound more heroic, more masculine where they should be, they apply a more realistic look on how men &...
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    The effect a beam would have...

    I am not a programer, first of all, so how am i mean't to know hl can't do that? Second i can tell you skimmed through my writing because u didn't seem to get the message correct.:S
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    The effect a beam would have...

    Sure rocks don't follow beams, but when someone fires a beam doesn't the ground come up to meet the beam? I think so, watch a DBZ episode and see. Although that wasn't the point, i think it would look schweeet if peices of rock got flung at you when some1 throws a beam your way. BTW thanks Gump...
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    ideas for when u get killed by a big beam!

    I still think that it would be a better idea if the characters disintergrated when hit by a beam, would it be hard to make them look like they were phasing out, with a bit of blood and some disintergration? All i know it would look good. :D
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    The effect a beam would have...

    Thanks for the replies guyz, i'm glad you liked my idea, its unfortuneate that it would be to hard to code, i think it would add alot of essence to the game, which is something that alot of games lack these days, that and storylines. We have one for sure now, but the second should be coming in...
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    The effect a beam would have...

    I am not sure if this is either addressed or in the mod as of yet, but i had to just make the suggestion anyway. It would be awsome IMHO if that when you cast a beam, slowly as your charging it little peices of rock and land start rising around you, getting larger, and when in fact you do fire...
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    ideas for when u get killed by a big beam!

    Joe, just to let ya know your sig isn't working in 2 ways, 1 i can't see it :S 2 the link is forbidden :S Just thought i'd let ya know ;)