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    Trying to make guneagle

    yeah thts pretty nice well done
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    Goten WIP

    he asked u dude
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    wen i play i dont have a radar and the multiplayer options looks different

    ok click change game and then click Earth's Special Forces
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    ok do this dude u will c a goku.mdl and a ssjgoku.mdl with the ssjgoku.mdl put it in the esf\models\playerssjgoku and replace it then with the same 2 the other 1s but the 1 u d\loaded and if its got a different name rename it the same as the original 1 and then replace the original 1 with the...
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    2nd model

    holy moly stoly foly poly coly zoly xoly roly toly thats bats f u c k n g o o d!!!!! keep up the good work there Mystic
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    2nd model

    sw33t dude thts realy good
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    goku ssj

    woah thts damn good well done
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    2nd model

    wicked thts damn goooooooooooood !!!!!!!!!!!
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    Adult Gohan! ^ ^

    its not fixed i cant c dem still
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    the noob skinner has done a trunks

    lol coz people only c wat people has rit but some people dont post back
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    Brolly in progress =

    r u still working on the brolly this will b kewl if i could c it
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    the noob skinner has done a trunks

    woa thats realy good oi keep up good work
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    where do you make skins and models and how

    umm i dunno its a modeling programe dere we r
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    where do you make skins and models and how

    i think u go 2 the thread of modeling and stuff it tells u there
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    2nd model

    wow all i can say thats so damn good awesome there Mystic keep it up
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    Instead of the Radar

    yeah that sounz kewl it should also have sensing power so like when some1 powers up or turns ssj or gets a another thousnad it will go ting how when on dbz they sense power
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    ewww f u c k rikkuu ****

    **** u rikku spamm my thread i was looking 4ward 2 c if ne 1 could coz nobody eva goes in that request thing heeps of peepz have tried but ive seen no1 try ive only c people answer back inless they make a thread of it i prolly gonna get banned 4 this but my esf is gone so f u c k u rikku ***bo
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    request plz read this

    hey peepz im realy hoping some 1 will answer this this is my request can some 1 plz make a legacy of kain soul reave model if u do could u make a kane model with the soul reaver
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    well put the texture files in half-life\valve and then yr done