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    hi im a n00b

    hey welcome have a goog time.
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    Power Strugles

    good idea.
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    very very very very very important

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    very very very very very important

    how would you know that for sure what i have heard is diffrent.
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    very very very very very important

    I just finished looking at the esf web site wich is back up and they have a new gallery with pics from beta 1.1 wich is on the bug swepping level so it is very close to being done and by the looks of it there may not be new charecters but it does look like there are new transformations. P.S...
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    New Mode - Saving the World!

    i really do not like the idea ether it sonds cool but who would be on the other levels.:tired:
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    they should make some fusion

    it might be neet if they just did it were you could select at the start of the game to play as a fusion like it was a normal person.
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    power exertion move

    it is a good idea but it would probley be to hard to program and plus it would be to easy to win with that but besides that it would be a good idea.:yes: :yes:
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    Scouter color

    i do beline you can find them at red sayin but there hard to find.
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    a CS mode

    i like the idea
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    Two suggestions

    why not
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    New way to strugle, actual to ez

    i think it should stay the same just that you could cut the power so that you could fly away before you get hit.
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    extra games

    thank you all for the ideas.;)
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    can goku turn super saiyan 2 or above?

    I think that most of all the charecters will be able to go to there top stage in the show so far.:idea: :idea:
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    Power list trans idea

    i think they were good.
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    Ki usage idea.

    yeah:cool: :cool: :cool:
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    Spirit Bom Struggle idea!

    Well you can also at a hi pl shot the spirt the spirit bom back at its owner.:p
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    Ki usage idea.

    Maby they could do some thing like a mouth beam were it shuts from the moth.:cool: :cool: :cool:
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    can goku turn super saiyan 2 or above?

    Thanks:cool: :cool:
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    mystic gohan pack installation

    ;/ ;/ those are asom pics.