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    Charging Attacks

    i like this idea because i also hate it when im in the middle of charging a big attack like the spirit bomb and get meleed its bad enough because of the damage but you lose you stored ki would be a great improvment
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    hmmm something seirously wrong

    i have noticed that but i think it helps even out the game for novice person may be better at the game and the poor player has a more powerful level so it kind of evens it out to give some chance the the novice player
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    Are you a Button Basher?

    i also have that problem it makes it really challenging and furstrating when the opponent keeps doing melee after melee over and over and you hit block and it wont block.for example earlier today i was playing in one of the public servers and me and someone were in a battle he came at me with a...
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    sorry if this has been asked aleady

    but has there been a date set for the next far its great i cant stop playing it lol.keep up the great work guys
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    multiple ki blasts

    well so far everything about ESF has been amazing except the one thing that seems to be missing is the multiple ki blast.for example in the show where gohan went into a rage and shot like 50 ki blasts at my idead is leave the single ki blast alone but make it when you go into the...