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    need help

    People do not like giving out personal information. Besides why do you need someones number to buy Half-Life or download Counter-Strike?
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    My suggestions!

    The Budokai games were not made by Toei or Akira Toriyama so how could a game tell you what happened and what did not? No, the movies are not part of the story line, with the only exception of the specials as those elaborated specific things. Garlic Jr. was another exception though the saga was...
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    I do agree but you must understand that the people working on this are doing it for free, and they are doing it whenever they want in their free time. Release dates mostly work for big companies as it is rarely useful for mods such as this. We all feel your pain for wanting to know what is in...
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    It is true that during the series that their aura's were different colors though near the end of the series everyones original aura is white. Cell's aura is naturally gold though.
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    valve hammer

    If your mapping for Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source you use the one in the Source SDK. If you need tutorials then I recommend these sites:
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    valve hammer

    The Source editor has more features, I use it constantly for Half-Life 2. Remember you can only use the Source Valve Hammer Editor for anything built on the Source Engine. Also remember ESF was not built on Source. You can also convert old maps (from 3.5 or older) to the Source Editor.
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    Realest Video Game Ever

    I have Norton running 24/7 nothing popped up. They used the same things they use in movies. They have these blood looking liquid packs underneath their clothes and when they are shot at they explode. Either that or maybe it was a paint ball gun.
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    Realest Video Game Ever

    Who said he was passed out? I am not saying this is real though, it probally is possible in some sense. I know the flashing lights are part of hypnosis, I just do not know how it plays a part in this. I mean, I can make my arms or legs feel heavy (hard to notice) yet I do not see how someone...
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    Windows Vista

    Well we can not say anything just yet. We do not know how the new registry or whatever they call it will work. Even though this is jumping the gun a bit, though this is going to screw people even more than XP did when it comes to running older software. Hopefully they will make a better...
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    Custom Char

    Or it could be like that Paint Ball mod where when you enter a game you choose what parts you want for your paint ball gun. Could be like Counter-Strike as well when you choose a side then choose a model.
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    fusion potera?

    That is for EVM I think.
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    Account Information

    I managed to find out what my old ESForces account was on the forums. Unfortunatley I do not remember the password since I created it in 2003 and left it until a few months ago I created this one since I could not remember what my old account was. I was wondering if a moderator or an admin can...
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    Realest Video Game Ever

    The site you can use to find numerous multimedia. Also this site was not the one that started this whole thing. You should look on the forums of Derren Brown, this is one of the biggest discussions.
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    It has always been like that. You keep, what, like half of what you had before when you change characters? Anyway, it is not a bug.
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    need A litle help whis someting

    There are tons of other things you can do in mapping. Just because you can not do one thing does not mean you can not make a great map.
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    Look for the file called game.cfg within your ESF directory and open it in notepad. Find the line "mp_gamemode". Across from it is a number in quotations; change it to the number 2, just do not remove the quotations.
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    G-mod, CS models?

    Dang... Lol. I have been trying to figure out what it is but I disregarded it. Heh, thanks.
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    G-mod, CS models?

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    G-mod, CS models?

    Yes. I reinstalled it with the same results. I looked through the console with the -dev command line added and it does not look like nothing had a problem loading. Maybe I should reinstall Half-Life 2?
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    Future of graphics

    Eh, I know I am bad when it comes to explaining things; I agree with the rest of you though nonetheless. I was stuck with a one track mind as figuring these things out and explaining them takes a lot of effort, including it is very difficult. My appologies for not elaborating or explaining well.