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    What Do These Advanced Menu Commands Do? Somebody please tell me what 24-bit textures (OpenGL only), FX Quality, and 3d particle system rocks does, and if you change one of them during the game, does it automatically make the change, or do you have to restart your game? Also, I know what 24-bit...
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    Brolli in DBGT?

    Me and my friend are having an argument. I say Brolli isn't in DBGT, he says yes. I've seen all of DBGT, he hasn't seen any, yet hes trying to argue with me LOL. So just so he can know the truth, is Brolli in DBGT?
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    The Trippy Humand Mind (THIS IS A MUST READ!!!)

    You konw it deosnt raelly mttaer in waht odrer the lteters are in a wrod bacusee all the hmuan mnid raelly lokos at is the frist and lsat lteter of a wrod. Aomswee huh?
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    Three Banners

    Four Banners Which of these four banners is your favorite? Sorry they're so big in file size, I just kept them in full quality. So just tell me which is your favorite, why, and what it needs to improve it. thanx [EDIT] Found an extra banner making it four :D.
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    Need a host (renamed by Judge)

    Haha, got your attention. Anyway, I need a host. I'm currently have a free account on but people say that I have WAY too many ads. If anybody can please give me a subdomain on their site, and can add my domain to the cPanel, then please reply. And yes, I have a domain. It's...
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    My New Sig

    What does everybody think of my new sig?
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    My Best Graphic?

    Tell me what you think! Any suggestions would be nice too *hint hint* LOL.
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    Does vBulletin require .htaccess ? thanx
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! AzN_DraG0N , Magna , Cookster , Death The Jedi , SPAZ the raver (21), Metalkrawer (18), BloodSpawn (18), steady2k3 (17), M Vegeta (16), TAz00 (16), little666 (15), InSaniTy (15), Wildfirehell (14), Pagemaster (14) :D
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    Disabling Integrated Graphic Cards?

    How would I disable the graphic card that my computer came with so I can free up some memory and use my new graphics card? My Mother Board came with an integrated S4 Savage 3 32MB Ram graphics card, and I bought a GeForce 4 MX 440 PCI 64 MB Ram graphics card. How do I disable the integrated S4...
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    Wierd Forums

    What is wrong with the forums? Please don't close this thread, but if I go to it shows all forums closed for posting but yet I can still post, and if I go to it shows them as open and I can post. Only difference is the fact that...
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    Air Jordan XI Gray -Size 9.5(III VI XIII)

    Anybody interested in these shoes?: Then click NOTE: You must have an ebay account, and the outbid $30. Yeah, I know they're tight. Please respond if you're thinking of buying them, or if your gonna outbid $30.
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    DBZ Theme Song "Rock the Dragon"

    Just out of curiosity, I wanna see how many of you know who sings the DBZ theme song "Rock the Dragon." I know you? :laff:
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    Will ESF Still Be Free?

    I have a question. After the final production is released, will it still be free? thanx
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    In an ESF game, how do you enable DragonBalls? thanx
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    Single Player?

    Is there single player on ESF? I'm asking because 1: I heard some guy online say "Has anyone ever made it to the Buu Saga?" 2: I heard a bot say the same thing. 3: In the main screen, it says "New Game" Please respond. thanx
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    New ESF Bot 1.1 Mirror

    Well, I decided to add a new ESF Bot 1.1 mirror since I only saw two on the files page. It's located at: *URL deleted* Just out of curiosity, will I be added to the files page? o_o :] P.S. I don't think that my free host allows you to link to one of its pages by another site that's not...
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    ESF Rocks!

    I love ESF because I'm a huge DB/Z/GT fan...KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!! :D:D:D