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    Where did everyone go?

    So I got my annual birthday message from the forum earlier this month. The funny thing is, I reminded myself I was going to get it when I wondered the day before who was going to wish me a happy birthday. I don't come here often, but I have been waiting for a final release for years. I guess...
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    Any Australians here who still play ESF?? =(

    I'm an Australian. There are no servers. :(
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    Oh I see. Is it explained anywhere on how it works? I usually don't miss such details.
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    The extra GUI in the bottom right is intriguing. Do you control 2 characters at once? What could it mean!?!?
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    ZOMG YOU SAID WHAT COULD IT MEAN DIE IN A FIRE... QQ. Funny as hell. Nice work! So um... When pressing "use" on the TV we can view the channel right..?
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    Apologies for promoting an in-community meme? Yes, it is a sexy model.
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    WHAT COULD IT MEAN!?!?!?!?!
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    PoTW :: After Image Technique

    Heh, Cooler, get it, get it. Yes, that was quite lame. I love after images... They totally rock!
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    awesome! I have been waiting for this feature for ages! Thanks guys!
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    What are you doing while waiting for 1.3?

    reading ESF forums and never posting. Oh, and WoW.
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    Highest speed you're comfortable with...

    Mystic Krillin isnt too difficult at all, you get used to the speed after 2 mins and then its awesome :)
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    and here i was thinking i didnt have a chance! I know how to use flash! god damn it! I really should have checked up on the thread... ah well lets hope my skills extend to the next comp congrats Chakra-X!
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    id say its showing Ginyu's animation of swatting away things. That seems logical and would be cool :) If not, CMON!!!! (yeh, im an Aussie :D)
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    Mass Ball

    I love this idea, would definetly increase the DBZ atmosphere! Also would tidy things up. I dont know if this has also been suggested, but if beams are curved all over the place before they enter a PS, when they do enter it the beam trail should (not immediatly) straighten out making it look...
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    [POTW]4 v 4 Generic Beam struggle

    Agreed. Ravendust - I also remeber this. I think it was called a "Pumping Powerstruggle". I remember hearing about it and was VERY excited. I hope this will be implemented in 1.3! (Along with the ball PS)
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    [POTW]4 v 4 Generic Beam struggle

    Even better, perhaps for a beam vs beam struggle a large ball is creat with all of the beam trails feeding into it? Would make it look alot more clean, and cool! Just like when Vegeta first came to Earth and Goku had a power struggle with him. The effects there were awesome, and i think may be...
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    Kaioken Any Time?

    Like some body else stated, when Goku charges his turbo turn his aura red and perhaps just make the sound instead of "Ahhhh" like everyone else make him say "Kaioken attack!" fairly simple and would be cool
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    Piccolos Makosen ?

    Here is a picture of piccalo using makosen in a scatter shot combo :) I personally think ESF should include this, perhaps in his final form?
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    Blast size in 1.3

    They should make the blast radius increse with powerlevel as before but not at such a rate, just very small. So then it solves all problems, and no bad spamming!
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    ESF - New Vegeta

    No such thing as too buff. When he turns SSJ2/Majin, make him even buffer!!!! Excellent, no complaints what so ever. Absoultely brilliant