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    Look what i can do :D look it's me Legend skateboarding For you skaters out there i am doing a 360 Flip off a kinda make do lip what do u think ??? Legend We (me and the other sk8ers i sk8 with) are currently in the progress of making a...
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    i like it u?

    heres my latest work.....kept it simple and no fancy backgrounds (not that good at them:D) so what do u think???
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    sig test comms plz

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    Critz & Comments Plz

    what do u think to my new sig? shall i stick with my old one or this new one i made here it is :D
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    good pics

    can anyone tell me where they get there pics from for thee sigs i can't seem tofind any good ones...i prefer using cells :D thx Legend
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    Weird :S

    LOL all if your have any weird screenshots post em here :D would be a laugh to see all the pics everyones got :D Legend.
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    My mouse

    I was watching a programme yesterday about the top gamer in the world 'Fatality' he is very good at UT3k andi was looking at his pc when i noticed he has the same mouse as me :D it's a logitec one :D cool lol. Just throught i would share this with u. What mouse has everyone else got...
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    Who would look better as SSJ3

    who do u think would look the best as SSJ3? IMO i think goku overall looks the best as SSJ3 but i have to tell u i think Yamcha would look kinda cool :D what about you?
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    Grand Tournament Info

    Hi all Legend here. Hope you read the other thread about the tournament. OK in this thread plz post what your name is in game and what character you would like to be. Enlistment closes on the THURSDAY 12th June. You will get a PM or email from me when u are up for your battle :D...
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    Who wants a tourney?

    I was just wondering, who would be interested in a tournament? I will see how many people would be interested and then we could pick a date and time and so on :D would be fun :D PM me or just post here if your interested :D Legend
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    Power Level plz read

    i am on a lan game that i hosted to play with bots and i like it when the odds are agains me :D but can i change my pl to be higher than the bots? is there any command to do this? thx Legend
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    how long?

    How long has everyone ben playing this mod? anyone been playing from the start? I have been playing all-in-all about 4 months thx Legend
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    Jonesdaniel i would like to know how u got that cool background on your sig plz if possible :D thx m8 from Legend
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    i have deen people with really good mytical backgrounds. I am using Photoshop 6 and i can't get really cool ones :S plz help me out
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    The old days

    LOL just found my old sigs and my very first music video (boom) lol funny to look back at it :D could u plz take a look at them all and tell me what u think? thx Legend LOL forgot the link lol Click here
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    what is this ssj script

    what is this ssj script ? plz tell me (i know it's a n00b question but i had to ask) :D thx Legend
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    Why that name?

    i chose Legend becasue i wanted somthing short and sweet :D why did u choose the name u have?
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    just a quick thread to say Don't u just love the new update? BIG BIG thx gose out to the team and everyone who helped make this truely amazing mod! You should be proud! From your bud Legend;)
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    New & simple

    these are my new sigs...just a quick make. Tell me what u think :D
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    Hi all just joined the forums! hope to get some good threads going and hope to c u all in game. Downloaded the mod again after about 1-2 months of being away.....and to my supprise 1.1 :D TOP MOD LADS!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!