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    Combo - Video

    Hy Leutz. I've got one short question: Does anyone know the soundtrack of the "ESF_Combo-Video"??? What's its name? THX
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    dragonball - games

    Hey you guys! I opened this thread to see what Dragonball - games you know and what games are your favourite ones. My favoutie games are: PC -> HL -> ESF SNES ->Hyper Dimension, Super Butouden 2 + 3 PC -> Mugen - Millenium Edition (DB2K) I'm very interested what games you like. I...
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    Cell's perfect form

    I would like to play with Cell's perdect form. My wish for that: An attack with that Cell is able to make the ground explode: You can charge the attack and its got three degrees. On the first degree Cell punches on the ground an one large wave of energy goes from his hand over te ground. On the...
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    X 2

    Do you guys know X - Beyond the Frontier and X - Tension??? That are great games. Has X 2 appeared in USA or somewhere else??? Here in Germany it comes in April or May. Would you please tell me some facts and new actions of the game if you know it? Thank you. Godran
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    esf_mid - problem

    I've got a problem with the esf_mid - map: When I load it to play on it, the WAD-files don't load and all the map is pink and black (standart). I've looked for it in my Windows-Explorer but they aren't on my computer. Could someone send me the files for the map? Thank you. Godran