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    Humor sig

    Heh, pretty funny, I like how you turned Kakashi sideways. Though I think you should have used a different pic of Lee. Nice bg too, erm, gj 8.5/10
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    New sig

    Oh yeah, that's a nice sig, clever text too ^^
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    Oh, I guess I was looking in the wrong spot then ^^ Tut=tutorial. I see people post tuts on brushing and stuff but I need tuts for the basic steps ^^
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    Does anyone know where I find some good sig making tuts too? Like, not only brushing or something, but sig MAKING.
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    Download Adobe FrameMaker 7.0 tryout Download Adobe PageMaker 7.0 tryout Which one of those is it? Or is it something else?
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    Ok what about this Photoshop 7.0 I went back to look for it and I saw like 5 different ones, which one is the best for sig making?
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    Ok, I'm new to these forums, but have been on forums before. I would just like some help here on siggy info. ^^ Please don't hate me 'cause I don't know this stuff. What I need is, the best program for making a sig. But, everytime I've been to a site that has a good progam for sig making, I...
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    I am user number 1

    <<<<< 11, 614
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    one word story

    Earth was doomed thanks to no one's silly shoes. Suddenly, Super Vegetto smashed the hell out through a glass Frito. Suddenly, Darksun modelled NeLo naked, then [eD]! laughed, but the gigantic WANG slapped [eD]!'s face, but it didn't damage Nacho-man's eye, j/k. Batman randomly shot frijoles...