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    Question about cvars

    uh i got a question after i put the cvars in the auto.exe file or watever its called and after i save the file do i have to put somethin in the console or somethin to activate the cvars or do they activate themselves as soon as i start a game?
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    uh i have a problem

    ok i know i had already made a thread about this but the other was old and no one paid attention to it so here goes: ok my problem is this ok wen i dont have halflife or esf installed i have 2.45gb left but ever since i got the a gf2 and took it off then got a gf4 and took it off i only...
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    Vegita ssj4

    um does anyone know were i can find a vegeta pack that includes dragonballgt vegeta with jacket and ssj4 vegeta
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    Half-Life ping booster

    um a couple of days ago i saw somethin called halflife booster but it said u needed admin mod or something does anyone know more about this "booster"?if u do please reply with info and links and how it works and stuff
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    4 Questions

    uh i got a couple of questions lol im sorry if ur annoyed cuz im always askin for help but wat can i say i dont know that much about computers so help me out guys :D System Stats intel celleron proccesor 400 mhz windows me(millenium edition) 128mb ram XFX Pine Geforce2 MX400 64mb pci...
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    some tips for fps

    Hey guys wats up ive been wonderin if u guys had some tips for me so i could improve my fps i already read all the stickies and well it didnt help much so u know could u guys maybe help me out in gettin a higher fps these are my system stats:intel celleron proccesor~400mhz,windows me,128mb ram...
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    Last time i ask for help lol maybe

    ok so i didnt get the gf4 cuz it didnt work with my comp so im switchin back to gf2 which im gettin tommorow well anywayz bryggz said that the gf4 wouldnt improve it that that much brygg said it would only give me about no more than 5 fps more than the gf2 and he and i have very similar systems...
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    ok i need help .....again

    man i know im gettin really annoyin with this help thing but ok ill just tell you guys wats up u guys remember my thread about changin to the geforce4 right?well turns out that the card i bought didnt work for my pc for some reason i think it was agp cuz wen i got home i noticed that some...
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    Help with ctdb

    i need ur help,how do u start a ctdb games? cuz i went to lan advanced then i started a lan game and there was nothin i chose the level namek it does work in lan right?
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    ok i really need help

    ok i got my vid card it is a (GeForce2 MX400 XFX) and i get an fps of like 20 wen im playin lan and an fps of like 10 wen im playin online (i think cuz of 56k)anywayz the card was 60 bucks at walmart but before that i saw a E-Geforce4 mx440 for the same price now most of u guys said a geforce4...
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    Does anyone know if this Kazaa....

    Does anyone know if this Kazaa deal is over u know about them chargin u or somethin like that they also said they could spy on u if u continue to download stuff so does anyone know if its over?
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    i have a problem

    ok i have a problem u see i entered this paint contest and i finished my drawing and all i went to village photos to sign up so i could upload my pic but it says the pic is too big wen its only 649kb so wat should i do?
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    help dvd burner

    ok so lets say i download a dbz movie of kazaa and it looks pretty bad if i buy a dvd burner and burn it on to a dvd will it look better in the dvd player cuz i always thought that the movies sometimes looked bad cuz of the computer
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    wouldnt it be cool?

    wouldnt it be cool if someone made the kai planet the one that goku and vegeta fought against little evil buu i dunno y but ive always wanted to remake that one battle were ssj3 goku fights little buu
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    Do i have this right?

    ok my mom will be here in a couple of minutes with my new vid card a verto geforce2 mx400 agp yes ive heard that geforce4s r better but since my comp is old and it has no vid card only integrated the geforce4 would choke it and anywayz i wanna know if i have the steps to installing it right so...
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    Half-Life Prices

    well im gonna get halflife next week but all the stores ive asked have it for 20 dollars and im talkin about the gameof the year edition so far ive called bestbuy,compusa,and walmart they all have it for 20 dollars but i know it costs less and i think im being ripped off so if anyone knows were...
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    well i have a pretty old comp and esf lags so im gettin a new vid card cause all the other modes and resolutions wouldnt help and i think it lags cuz i have an integrated 8 mb card but i was wonderin i mean is it worth it?cuz i mean will gettin a new vid card help the computer overall or will it...
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    Video card installation

    R video cards hard to install and do they come with insrtucions on how to install?
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    Help which one is better?

    U see im gettin a new video card and i want u guys opinion on which should i get these r the choices:Verto GeForce2-MX 400 AGP Graphics Card or a e-GeForce2 MX 200 32MB SDRAM PCI Graphics Card so which one should i get?