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    hmmmmmmmmmm.... I've been expectin' a map like this =P Good job. I'd love to be able to play a map like this (i remember playin a map like this one in my bid for power days) Even if you're jes releasin' a "half-assed" map right now, I hope you don't give up on it and keep workin. Don't...
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    daim!... this's a lot of pages!! btw, awesome progress! you da' man! cheers to you and your awesome model! (and i can slow down his arms when he does the burning attack to! too friggin' fast to me.)
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    Zereth Vegeta Edit (majin and bd majin)

    ohh... powerful lookin' dude. VERY good work killmore! (is there a link for it? :P )
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    a little peice of mind.

    umm... Phatslugga... You don't understand, I meant, they are really supposed to be punished as well. But, a little understanding is recommended. (but still, Punishing was never out of the question :P )
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    Best fight in dbz.

    I agree. majin vegeta against ssj2 goku owned.
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    a little peice of mind.

    I'm not telling you guy's that you are wrong. You do perfectly good jobs. It's just that there are too many troubles in this forum. (it ain't any of your faults) It happens to all forums anyway. I was suggesting that we (and I mean WE. mods, members, etc.) should act nicer and much more mature...
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    a little peice of mind.

    Slander, what you said about the emotionally wrong part.. you are right, and I agree. Those that should be helped, are those that have something terribly wrong going about them. (I told you it wasn't very far!) I know there are ppl. here, who try not to make any mistakes, and who...
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    a little peice of mind.

    since slander interrupted my double-posting (thank you very much.) I'll tell you why i posted this. (edit button STILL isn't working) the brother of a very dear friend of mine, killed himself two days ago, Because he was punished for having bad grades. Mainly because He was not given...
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    a little peice of mind.

    (sorry for double-posting, problem w/ the edit button.) Slander, I respect your post, but the point you are trying to put out is not far from mine. sure, punish those who makes mistakes, they will learn from it. but what about those who DON'T?? not everybody understands what they...
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    a little peice of mind.

    frankly, some people DO deserve to be punished. (and, I'm sorry GMan for typing too fast and mispelling your name.) I just feel sorry for some ppl. that get banned, and when they return, they cause another problem, then they get banned again. These ppl. need help, dudes. there is no such...
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    a little peice of mind.

    you didn't understand the point. just because we're human does not mean we can't act a little more friendly towards each other dude. And I put it in the models section because most of the problems happen here. And this is exactly my point. Why do people always focus on the negative...
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    JaNeMbA rEsKin

    well, its ok. But the bfp janemba i saw, in a particular site i had forgotten, was MUCH MUCH MUCH better than that ef janemba model.
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    a little peice of mind.

    LOOK.. I have no beef w/ anybody here, but reading the past few posts... I decided to post some advice. Now, let me take you through a very simple math exam. I'll rattle off a couple of equations, and you tell me what you observe about them. Be mindful of the instructions. You are to tell me...
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    A little thing I made...

    one more... credits goes to violator's ripped vegita model..
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    A little thing I made...

    there's a li'l sumthin' I made, and I wanted to show it to you guys, but.. I'm a little new here at this hosting thing so do you mind helping a sick, sick cannibal like me? :P edit: heres the pic: credit goes to the esf vegetto 'nother edit: credits goes to smo's goku (and...
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    Age requirement

    nobody is perfect d00ds... just ignor'em! but if you really were cheating or some other sh*t like that then.. shame on you! :P
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    power struggles

    argh! nonsense! power struggles are fine the way they are!!! RAAAAAAAHHH!!!!! ahem... :P
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    fusion gogeta! in need of animtors

    know what.. that kinda inspires me to do a fat gogeta model... cool.. (I can re-animate some stuff if you want btw..)
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    New Vegeta .. WIP

    .... at least make the hair look like a ssj 2 when he transforms.. if you do, this will be one of the best models iin esf.. trust me.. anyways great job. (also, if you don't plan on changing the hair at the trans'ed version, do you mind makin the same vegeta except w/out the m and the veins...
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    fusion gogeta! in need of animtors

    guess so.. but still.. oh yeah, if it's gogeta then make him super saiyan :P