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    hello i have 2 problems with bot 1. where must i install the bot 2. how can i add a bot
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    steam server problem

    hi i have a big problem i have installed esf to steam/steamapps/my life/esf and i cant connect to any server i have a router but all ports are open plz help me
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    steam server problem

    i cant connect to servers :\ there is always the same message: Timed out or Kicked :\ someone can help me??
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    steam cd key ;_;

    i have a problem i want to add some games on my list but when i entered my cd key from the half life cd this f**** steam wont accept it ;_; someone can help me?? :cry: :cry:
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    steam links

    can someone post some links for steam plz??
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    Help with Steam

    hello all i have a problem i downloaded Steam but i dont know how can i play esf on it someone can tell me?? :cry: :confused: