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    ppl with sof2

    Any1 with Soldier of fortune2 have u had a problem where when u go into the multiplayer and it won't let you click on any of the buttons like find server, options etc if so pls tell me how i fix this problem
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    I was in esf just now and some guy was owning everyone and he died by his own beam so the server crashed and i went back in and it was saying my wonid was not obtained..UHm could this be devil or some other hacker or just some hl error?
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    I wanna take one part of an image and put it on a complely new image how can i do this on paintshop pro
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    error or something

    I went into a server and a message came up saying my system is being modified remove modifcation and i couldnt move and 1 minute later my computer crashed
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    rezoku video

    I can't download video on vegeta's new attack rezoku. It pulls up a screen to the left side of the moniter saying and i have divx
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    Valve hammer

    I have a problem with valve hammer every time i try to compile a messgae comes up saying couldnt open wad and so i i remove wad from texture screen and use another one and same message pops up
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    esf fgd

    where can i get a esf fgd file for making maps in worldcraft/valve hammer