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    Fanmade Naruto 2D MMORPG in development

    The people over at are designing a 2D Naruto MMORPG. Currently, they're designing their level editor which will make up most of the game, and designing many of the sprites and customisation that you can use to make your character. You will be able to do nearly all the...
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    ESF Downtime

    hmm ne one kno wat happened? and y is the forums ummm "dead" at the moment? do u think they were uploading 1.1 or something (O.o) or do u think the server was just down? Edit: my bad esf forums is not dead, i just didnt configure my time settings lol
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    People These Days Have No RESPECT

    games are meant to be fun and respectful not just fun... anyone lacking respect is a newbie not in the game but in life itself... is camping at someones spawnpoint repeatedly and killing them when they spawn respectful? NOT! two people are going at it in a melee duel head to head in the heat of...
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    ESF Team lied?

    my parents r divorced... my mom has a cable modem and my dad has a 56k... now at my moms esf is fast easy and playable but at my dads every thing is slow... in the esf preview it states: "Internet One of the big problem with game these days is the lag it cause on the Internet. Well, ESF...
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    I Suggest Beta Nowwwwwwwwww!!!

    ^look at title^
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    SSJ Script 6.0 doesnt like me...

    none of the models show up when i activate that particular one... help me! yes i did exec newb.cfg in the console and hit the home key and everything was fine but when i picked one and did turbo and enter it would just give me the sound + the glow...
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    My Suggestion? One Word: SAIYAMAN!!!

    IT WOULD BE SOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!! and they can make him say the saiyaman rap song! lol im not kidding... saiyaman roxors!!! SAIYAMAN OWNZ JOO!!! PS: please dont flame or spam this is just a suggestion...