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    Ki Struggle Problems

    I have noticed, when you enter a ki struggle the ki trails start to go off to the side... its hard to explane. Shouldnt they just keep going straight without turning or going up or down? then whoever wins the struggle will have his ki go on toward the opponent..... eh., kinda hard to
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    ESF Downloads

    I was wandering where i could get some esf misc downloads (maps,aura effects,etc). If anyone knows where please reply, Thanks guys. This mod SURPASSES bfp!
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    ESF Single Player?

    I just downloaded ESF 1.1 and i was dissapointed. As I ran the game, I found out that there was no single player where i could face bots. if there is a way to "activate" single player mode or the bots please reply to this asap, It will be greatly appreciated! ESF ALL THE WAY!