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    Impossible to install

    ok i am having a problem with my 1.2 the program instals ok but when i click to go in all that appears is the icon not the actual program so how do i fix this i recently installed Win Xp Pro and i reinstalled esf 1.2 and now it doesn't work whats going on prehaps a manual or explination to help...
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    Historic Brawls

    Howdy all its been awhile but i am now back so i have gotten the new 1.2 and its awesome the bots are more tougher ^_^ and the melee system rocks and ive been playing around with some char mods and i have my new fav char broly/brolly (samething) anyways i made this thread to tell about some new...
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    Final Fantasy (New) 9 Out of 10

    Go Omni-Slash all the way
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    Final Fantasy 8 out of 10 (new)

    I think Malboro from FF-7 was pretty hard to beat dam bad breath but they got easier to as they game progressed - now FF-8 Malboros got way easier ribbon, auto-haste, Ultima on my status def so i absorb damage its so sweet. so i think Malboros in general are hard to beat but they get eaiser to...
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    Where you live...Seriously.

    Me.. Dunnville,Ontario- Canada GO BUUUUU
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    Final Fantasy New 7 out of 10

    your wish is my command
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    Mapping Troubles for 1st timer

    Sup everyone I absoulutly love this game and i think it is time to contribute to it so i am attepmting to make a map i ot the layout of the entire map now i need to put in my hills and DB/SB and I have a small problem when ever i want to check out how my map is doing on esf it doesn't show it on...
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    Final Fantasy New 7 out of 10

    You Know What Now that I thinkabout it Auron would get wasted man that was a big overkill for seph what do you say well i guess im only left with a few options and stopping my polls isn't one of them i like seeing others inputs into a situation so how bout someone give me an Poll idea for 8 out...
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    DBZ is wonderful or GT?

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    Final Fantasy New 7 out of 10

    I think that in a dream match between auron and Sephiroth it is a very hard decsion Auron is dead and cant die but sephiroth is routhless and gives no mercy. But id ive to call it a draw because its such a hard decsion.
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    Tien for 1.3?

    I Think They should Plainly Take out krillin cuz i always hate when i play bots and get a krillin bot he is so cheap and throws D.Discs almost every time, in Krillins place Tien or Yamcha (Spirit Ball Atk)
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    Final Fantasy (New) 6 Out of 10

    i think that the Flora Valite Dresssphere was the best i mean look how strong great whirl was and it didn't even take up MP
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    Final Fantasy Help #2

    Hey its me again i have another small question i have all the necessary requirements for the lion heart on disc one except for the dragon Fang and i was wondering if there is anyway of getting a dragon fang on the first disc so if there is tell me if not tell me the earliest time i can get one...
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    FF Help is Required

    Good News I Beat FF-X2 and that means i beat anima know how Yunas Flora special dress sphere and great whirl that is basically what i used to beat vegnagun as well so thanks for all your help the new game plus should be easier to beat now so until the next time!
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    FF Help is Required

    Sup every one i have had my share of troubles in the past in the world of FF but this one takes the cake im in playing FF-X2 and im in a real sticky situation. Im on Anima and i can not beat him it is so hard i have my white mage black mage and thief combo on but it just doesn't seem to work ive...
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    Final Fantasy New 5 out of 10 (Half way there)

    Well lion heart i guess is good and i never doubt it cuz when squall is in the middle of an insanly great limit break and the damage at its max of 9999 with every hit i prefur it being totaled in the end so thats why i picked tidus's weapon
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    Final Fantasy New 5 out of 10 (Half way there)

    I Think Cadaolbag is the best final weapon because it can break the 9999 damage limit and it gains the overdrive/Limit Break at triple speed.
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    destiny or choice

    This is very true because if destiny is being choosen and there talking about choice then Destiny is errelevent in there anwser
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    Final Fantasy New 4 Out of 10

    Not really but its fun and im gonna keep on making polls cuz im curious to see what people think is better
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    Final Fantasy New 4 Out of 10

    i think Auron has the best motivational speech and thats all i gotta say