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    i hate steam :S
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    hi, when i look in steam server list, i only see about 4/5 esf servers. i know that isnt treu!!.. so could someone give me a ****ing big list with more servers so i can add them to my friendslist?
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    i already updated everything, i think it has to do something with steam. with won i had no problems...
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    it doesnt matter wich server i try to connect, but it keeps saying, youre cl_client.dll is different from the server. could some1 help me?
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    Game Crashes!

    the only thing i think is that youre video options aren't good
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    if i click "report this to a moderator" he gives a error
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    i wanna change my username could a mod help me?
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    gt goku

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    what is the login stuff 4 the irc server of esf?
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    ive downloaded a couple of maps but he keeps asking of CANYON.WAD, and i can't find it anywhere...who know where i can find it or has it himself ?
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    how 2 make my internet faster

    my dads is a sub owner of he has 1 of that irritating servers...and that server makes my internetconnection slow...mostly of the time my ping is some like 1000...and if i play online its ****king lagged does some1 has a program or knows 1 to make it faster???? (without closing the...
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    this question hasn't got to do anything with ESF but i got a new key and i wanna change it withouth reinstall the game... could some1 plz help me??? thnx
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    new maps

    ive downloaded new maps...and i putted them in the submap where the other maps are..but they don't work what do i need to do?
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    PL question

    you only need to play 4 i think 2 á 3 hours...just only use kiblast/kiblob (wtf) and its a poc
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    FRIENDLY Dragon? (Wish 4 friendship)

    wtf is a wishpoint?
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    PL question

    i've got the same problem when i played the game 4 the first time i played untill i was tired..couple of pl was something lik 98 million but my final flash was looking a kinda explosion or something...and the bots keep getting stronger but the thing you need to do is just...
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    when is the new version online?

    thats a irritating answer a pro would know when a game or something of there is finished... there pro's so they need to know :D
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    when is the new version online?

    when can i download the new version of ESF?
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    ow ok thnx 4 youre help
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    new version

    hoeveel??? euhm i mean how many?