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    Installation help..

    It won't let me install the mod, the install button is faded.. whats going on? Any help is appreciated! Even when I try to manually select the location... the "OK" button is faded too!
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    Dome explosions are cooler than the current..

    Ya they are! They also resemble the ones in the acual series better also.
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    Any1 wanna host evm mod?? Make a dragonball map so we can all reach 3-4th transformation?
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    NEW problem with ESF

    After I installed esf to the steamapps/ and installed the steam patch for it. When I try to start esf under thrid party games.. it says: could not load library c:\program files\steam\steamapps\***@***.com\half-life\esf\cl_dllz\client.dll What should I do now?
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    Help me out please... esf in steam

    I installed normal esf to steamapps/ but when I look in game list on steam.. esf doesn't show up. I am not sure what the problem is.. I tried to download the steam version off esf website, but it the link doesn't work. Can some1 post a different link?? or help me out?
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    Can any1 post a different steam link of esf? The 1 on this site is not working!
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    About steam..

    Hi.. I noticed the sexy new 24bit steam style maps.. does this mean you have to have steam in order to play the new ESF 1.2???????????
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    error!!!! oh no! help!!

    cannot load cl_dlls/client_dll. WTF does that mean!? Please help!
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    how do you attack with shield attack!?? I've accidently done it before, but don't know how! Plz tell me!
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    3rd transformations

    A bright future for ESF beta 2.0!!! Have real set of 3rd transformations!!! It would work perfectly considering that every charactor in ESF acually has at least 3 transformations in the acuall seies!! Well.. maybe not krillin =\, BUT FORGET ABOUT HIM! It would be very nice to have a whole sett...
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    melee combos?

    wassup. I am kind of new to this (ESF). Alright, i was playing a game of ESF and doing some melee with someone. I've noticed you can't melee someone who is down. BUT when I faced this opponent after he managed to knock me down, i figured alright i'm down so i'll just wait to get up and counter...