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    where to find...

    i was wondering if any1 knew the cartoons Samurai Pizza Cats and Ninja Robots (aka Ninja senshi Tobikage) and if so.. do u no where i could get pics of em..... or even episodes i just want pics rilly but i cant find many large 1s
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    first sig i made

    im first n most likely last sig that i make took bout 30 mins if that im a noob to photoshop so....
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    My First Model

    yeah i started it yesterday yes it is my first model from scratch the only other thing ive done was some tuts but i got bored of them and that was bout 1 year ago its just a human model with a hooded vest and shorts i drew my own refs yesterday i did the vest n shorts and 2day i did the...
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    hud color

    i dont no y but the color of my hud is very light as in the red (hp bar) blue (ki) n green (cf) bars are light and hard to see is there anyway to make them more distinct or is it just more monitor or graphics settings?
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    milkshape or 3d max

    i wanna start creating some models not really for games or anything just for practise i was wondering which is easier to learn 3ds max or milkshape3d i already got 3ds max n ive done a few tuts in it i just get bored of reading the tuts i always refer back to them if i get stuck tho...
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    whered they go

    i dont no if it goes in this section but its bout maps.... all the old maps are gone, are they even capatible with 1.2? also all the current maps are massive i like to play on small maps against a few bots so i dont have to fly around as much but not too small that they spot me wen i...
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    is there even a point in using turbo anymore... its got a cool new arua :D and u run cool with ur arms back (i think in the cartoon the have theirs arms out to the side, not bhind them) but every1 uses swoop to travel faster the only i c for turbo is to get an advantage in the beam struggle...
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    Which forum do u like best

    Just wondering what forum is used most atm i like the off-topic and suggestions but i choose off-topic
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    i was just wondering... Susake has 2 of those black dots in his Sharingan but Kakashi has 3 is it bout the level of which they use it or just unconsistant artwork... tell me if im wrong i dont have any eps to refer to.. lost em all
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    capture the 18 dragon balls???

    im not sure if it belongs in this section of the forum but it is a bug.... i was playin ctdb on mtside and well the pics speak for themself i slowly gathered more and more dbs as i used em and i counted 18 b4 it crashed...
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    ESF Server IPs

    it would b good if there was a list of some server ips won or steam cos i cant find any and wen i do i get a client.dll error i dont care bout the error but i wanna play against ppl im sick of bots...