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    Colt 1911

    here is a colt 1911 i drew crits please
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    my best sig critz please

    <img src="" width=400 height=100>
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    virtigo seven here is a sig i made you pm box was full dude

    hey about you needing a sig do u want dbz in it or gundam wing need answer soon because im going to be on vac. <img src="" width=400 height=100> here is one i made just incase you wanted to se some of my work if you use this one pleas give me...
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    new better sig

    look in my sig oh and critz please
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    sig problem

    ok ive been makeing sigs and getting crits and people say the images are streched and smushed (such as my current sig) where can i get some pics that are scaled to look good on a sig scaled 600x200
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    new sig critz please

    <img src="" width=600 height=200>
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    first sig

    my first sig is the one in my signature how does it look crits please
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    Goku Drawing (im 13) please give critz

    Goku Drawing please give critz Hey guys i used to post alot of drawings when i first started drawing but thery where crapy so here is a drawing from the present.
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    [SSJ-SSJ3]Goku's Book o' Art

    Well here is where ill be posting my drawings :paper: :cool: