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    Legal Rights

    basicly if ur going to make a modification, make sure it sucks.. like esf!!!! naw but i mean i heard zeq2 wasnt even a modiciation but a "stand alone" so thats probably the main reason, these guys went off making a game for dbz without letting the owners know... so u get trashed cuz u cant be...
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    Legal Rights

    u guyz advertised it too much like a dragonballz game i bet showing it off too much
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    Tom Petty should sue the Red Hot Chili Peppers

    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh lol well i thought tom petty was dead!!
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    My artwork(colors needed, anybody?)

    looks pretty kool mayng now all u need to do is color that *****
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    Another ESF site?

    didnt he hand it over to someone else?? i forgot who tho........... cuz i remember it still being up but not under spin, but of course it was never the same after spin left he had that site running clean!!!! o well
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    Tom Petty should sue the Red Hot Chili Peppers

    i dont like the chilli peppers at all, but they deserve it u cant deny it.. think of how much they have accomplished over the years, WAAYYYY more than tom petty, since when did tom petty influence anyone??lololol but thats off topic once again tho, yes thats a load of money lost, but does it...
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    Has anyone ever heard of Coast to Coast am?

    coast 2 coast ya ive heard of that, but down here we stick to 105.9 for those that dont know.......2 bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Another ESF site?

    wat ever happened to red sayan?? use that 1
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    Tom Petty should sue the Red Hot Chili Peppers

    who cares? maybe it was a coincidence??? maybe not... maybe they got tom pettys permission?? maybe not... maybe the red hot chilli peppers just dont give a **** and do wat they want!! hell if so then let them, they deserve it in my opinion!!! wats sueing the chilli peppers gonna do?? they're...
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    theres no such thing!!! the only stupid question is the one u dont ask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! some advice for all ur hopeless lives......:laff:
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    Legal Rights

    sorry but i dont believe that bull****... funi has not a damn thing to fear, multi million dollar corporation fear a couple kids making a modification?? that makes ZERO profit??? if anything they coulda let them make the game and just took it from em wit some $$ and made it theirs.. but dbz is...
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    Real beauty is skin deep... OMG TEH PIX THREAD!

    all of u r ****en uglyyy
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    Legal Rights

    thats my point exactly, everything esf did, zeq2 did it 2!!! so wats the difference????????????? y zeq2 and not esf?
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    Legal Rights

    exactly... maybe its cuz esf is the only legit mod out there, the rest r fake or stolen ideas/models/code/etc
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    Rate The Signature Above You... The Trilogy... 2

    ur sig sucks but i see ff7 in it so ima give u a 10/10 just cuz of that
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    Legal Rights

    I have a word in anything i please to have a word in.. thanks, my speculations are merely speculations(why bother following a mod i knew wouldnt make it?)... simply that ive never ever seen a dbz mod make it other than esf... and maybe dmz but they werent going anywhere anyway!! did zeq even...
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    Simplifying English

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    Legal Rights

    Why would all these other mods be getting shut down and not ESF?? Was ZEQ2 gaining any profit? Why would they think ZEQ2 would have any sort of effect on DBZ sales? I don't remember ZEQ2 being a big hype, I've never heard ZEQ2 being game of the week or something like that... I think all these...
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    jordans or shaqs

    I know you ain't serious comparing Jordans to Shaqs!!! You're ****en CRAZZY!!!