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    Different Renzoku

    but theres anaaah, but there would be a stun time and stuff, plus you have to recharge your ki again.. this wil lcost a LOT of time and you wont be able to move, no tele, no swoop because of low ki. there you go. nobody would spam this. and if they would, so what! you still can move. tele...
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    Single player mode.

    i would like to see a singleplayer version of esf! mean: the bots are good enough to be the enemies and stuff, or be some cannonfodder, u know^^ its surely hard for the team to make a sp ..thing, but maybe they could get more ppl in the team to make the sp thing.. or a.. SECOND team could do...
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    Strongist Person

    me^^ its Bejita, coz they dont have a v in ther hiragana, katak.. but ur right, who really cares? lol, BUT! i know goku is the strongest.. but.. to be honest.. i HATE goku!! hey is ALWAYS better than bejita.. cant stand this.. hes such a meanie! bejita never pwned a "big one"...
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    1.2 beams

    cmmoon.. is it that hard? the beam isnt a 3d object, but to make the illusion it is, they put 2 sprites together like the x u see.. so the "thickness" wouldnt change if you turn around the beam. the problem is, you look at the beginning of the beam, where the beamsprites are chopped off.. thats...
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    i wouldnt say teasing us.. its more.. humiliating us.. >_> they can already play it and now they brag the hell outa it..^^ BUT! guess its okay^^
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    yoyo read the esf news

    why do YOU care why i want to disable it?^^ i just asked.. dont know where else.. okay, could have opened anpthet thread...shall i? its just a little small question, not worth to make a new thread..
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    yoyo read the esf news

    umm.. will you be able to disable the motion blurs? dont want to open a new thread.. simple yes or no is enough, i guess..^^
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    Freedoms SSJ Vid...

    somehow i cant dl it... is that okay..? it says im not allowed to..maybe the server is down or something.. or im too stupid to dl it. i tried the simple klick, then rightclick -> save target as, nothing worked.. ill try it again tomorrow or tonight
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    Advanced Gameplay Mode?

    lol.. guess this is a VERY old thread^^ i dont like that combo stuff too but i just wondered what snes combos you were talking about, pcjoe^^ pure interest, and dont tell me to dont revieve dead topics..but i wanted to know^^
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    Large inteam test-team vs. testers

    its not that im envoius but... GOD DAMNED!! IM SOOOOO ENVIOUS AT ALL OF YOU!! AARGH!! well.. okay.. guess you will laugh at all of us who cant play it now.. ur evil.. ALL OF YOU^^
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    Japanese voices...?

    its not that i want to annoy somebody, especialy you, freedom.. but.. am i able to download it NOW or not^^
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    Japanese voices...?

    aah.. *trembles* *zombie* ..weee hunnngerr... aaahh..jap paaaaackk.... where aaare yooouuu...mmmmmmmgghh... want it.. lol..well annoy you like we annoy all the other teammembers with the release date of 1.2 ^__^ (somehow.... isnt this the same??^^) roflmfao
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    Japanese voices...?

    freedom, umm.. did you released it too, or just finished it? im not that good in indepth english talking.. so i dont get it what most of people MEAN when they say stuff^^
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    Japanese voices...?

    ive made one... but its something like 80% done.. too short transes for piccolo and bejita.. and i dont find enough sources to change/complete it.. (but i sipped apart a budokai1 dvd and i got 1500 sounds.. jap of course.. ah well.. too bad i have other things to do, too^^) the other...
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    How long wil 1.2 mele fites generly be??

    umm.. about the meele system stuff, and when someone blocks good and stuff, why dont make the heavy atackt go through the block? i dont say rip em apart, but even if they block, do damage of 3 or something. lots of beat em up games have stuff like that. and if the opponent still blocks all...
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    The new melee system.

    oh wait... i always thought its called meele not melleee or melee or.. whatever.. whats right?
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    Round Fighting

    this IS on topic! i just brought a new idea to his own! and the suel thing from jk2 is NOT like cs! there are biiiig differences! u never played jk2 duel mode, right? theres nothin common with cs (wait, you mean counter strike? if yes, theres nothing in ommon with jk2 duel thing)
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    Round Fighting

    you know jedi knight 2? something like the "duel" gametype would be cool... 2 fight, others are spectrators and watch. when one dies, the next gets in the game. both with full hp and ki.(maybe you can choose wehter both should have full ki or just the newcomer) and another fight begins...
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    Anyone of you has budokai 1(!) soundpack?

    umm.. i never said i have a ps2 or budokai 1.. im asking for the sounds, not how to get em on pc or whatever..
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    vegitta's rapid blast is useless

    this would be cool... instant, but with regeneration time after passing tha yellow line there.. and as longer you hold it, as more shots you brim said..