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    very very very very very important

    I just finished looking at the esf web site wich is back up and they have a new gallery with pics from beta 1.1 wich is on the bug swepping level so it is very close to being done and by the looks of it there may not be new charecters but it does look like there are new transformations. P.S...
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    i need real help

    how do you get the pictures under your post name and under your post.
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    extra games

    Does any one know if the game will go on the systems like gamecube, ps2, or xbox.:idea: P.S. I think they should. Power lies within control and control lies within power.
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    gettting esf

    :cry: I don't have esf how do i get it.
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    up dates

    :laff: :laff: there should be transformation of max for all charecters same as show example goku supef syain 3 gohan SS2 Buu kid Buu and there should be more charecters shuch as broli, gojetai, and vajeto.