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    Difficult to target on my server?

    Yes thats me... unfortunately I haven't had any luck as of yet. I suppose I am just going to leave it as is for the time being until I think of some alternative to fix the problem. I like adminmod because I am familiar with it so its hard to leave it for something else ;D
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    Difficult to target on my server?

    I haven't gone over to the darkside yet. Its just a normal won server.
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    Difficult to target on my server?

    I tried searching but couldnt come up with what I needed. I have a dedicated esf server, no special config settings in the server.cfg, but I do have a freshly installed adminmod. Its incredibly hard to target someone , and usually takes about 15 or more tries of clicking like mad to get the...
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    Notice - WonID's

    Dante, while you may be correct, to be honest I don't want to worry about it any more. 2 months of having to put up with devil and his friends was enough for me. I'm somewhat familiar at how he works. Once hes in a total crashing mood he keeps crashing the server until noone comes back in...
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    Notice - WonID's

    Its better than having my server crashed every 2 hours. Plus, traffic hasnt gone down any, in fact, its gone up. I'm happy with my decision since it provides a server that can be up more often. Besides, thats 4 ip ranges. There is hundreds of providers out there, maybe more, maybe thousands...
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    Notice - WonID's

    I've learned banning wonids doesnt work anymore. These kids have too many. I just ban their entire ip range, and it works perfectly. I havent had ANY problems since Ive banned about 4 or 5 ranges that include crashers. I know I still have a few more to ban, but once Ive gotten those outta...
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    Why a server crashes and how to fix it

    If you read the whole thing, it refers to some familiar issues at least I am familiar with. Can't hurt to try it anyhow.
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    Banned list erased after devil appears

    I know exactly what you are talking about, the banned file always does this to me on the server at my work(internet cafe). It may be possible to just right click on the file(banned.txt or banned .cfg whatever it was called)go to properties, and make the file readonly by checking that check box...
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    HOWing, what's your take?

    As a dedicated ESF player I have always found myself striving to be better than I was the last time I logged onto a server. The ki based melee system is not what I think you would call a "bug". It is, afterall, the system which was planned and implemented by the team. I rarely "HOW" or "LSM"...
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    I remember reading a post about how Goku's kaioken technique may be implemented, involving a suggestion from a fan. I searched for that thread but unfortunately was not able to find it. I know there are probably more against the kaioken technique than for it, therefore its implementation is...
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    Final Flash question

    When Vegeta charges his Final Flash in ESF is it true to the cartoon? I mean is it supposed to be completely silent until firing? If so then I suppose there is no sound to replace for the charging up part in game. --JD
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    Sounds interesting, I suppose I would be willing to join. I think I could make a couple contributions to the sound files anyways, I've always had fun messing around with that stuff. Id like to check out the website you said you have up but the link doesnt seem to be working atm. Maybe post...