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  1. X-boy

    My Model

    I'm new to modelling and here is my first model. A body based on Gokou. I will post updates maybe after a few days. Btw thanks to Growler for the tutorial and Davidskiwan for the ref. :)
  2. X-boy

    Trunks Melee Idea

    How about when you press 1 Trunks will use his hands and when you press 1 again he will unsheath his sword. In that way there will be balance and he can use both his Hands and Sword for Melee and Advance Melee purposes. Hands- No Speed Decrease w/ Less Damage Sword- Speed Decrease w/High...
  3. X-boy

    How to make the Trees Transparent

    I should have ask this sooner but, How do I make the Tree transparent, because it looks like a tree with black squares.
  4. X-boy

    TMX Map missing sdbz.wad

    When I try to use TMX map it always say that there are a missing file called sdbz.wad, where can I get this file. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. X-boy

    Why is Klylin the Bad Ass in ESF

    I have watch the entire DBZ Episodes from Freeza to Buu Saga and Klylin is one of the most weakest character in DBZ and he can't surpass any of the Super Saiyans or Nemic. And in the movies he got only one hit and he is knocked out. So why did they make Klylin super strong in ESF, In his regular...