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    For Dutch People:

    check out this site and awnser 5 simple questions svp. it's voor a school asignment! Thanx
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    Is Sadam really captured this time? (Merged threads)

    have you heard, they've got Sadam :) ! if he's a war criminal, he wil be trialed in The Netherlands :laff:, ofcourse, if Bush and his toy boy Blair want to :rolleyes: !
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    The Picture of Everything GAME!

    well, let's try a little game. i say the name of a person or thing in The Picture of Everything, and the first one who finds it wins. the person who wins, gets to choose witch new person or thing has to be found! if you find it, post the link. always check the link, because it doesnt always...
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    The Picture of Everything

    check out this site, you can find annything and annyone on that picture! it is sooo sweet and huge! can't find DBZ Team on it :( , damn shame!
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    could somebody who has windows 98, plz send me a copy of his "nvmctray.dll"!? it's located in: c: \windows\system\ i need it bad because all of a sudden stuf stoped working after it was gone (still don't know how)!! :cry:
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    !HALFLIFE files question!

    ok i fried my HD, now im using a 1.2 GB HD ;/ . i have verry little space now, so wich half life files can i delete, without affecting the esf mod (that it continues working)?? :confused:
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    !!Prog Question!!

    I have a couple of dbz music video's and i can finaly publish them. but, they are al around 25 mb, and al made withe the win xp video prog. does anyone know a program so that i can make the size smaller but the qualaty remains the same??? :confused:
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    Best DBZ Movie's

    i never had internet before so now i can finally download DBZ movie's. i already had seen brolly and brolly returns and just finished watching movie 13 "legend of the brave worrior". now that one was really good! i would like to know your opinion about witch movie i defenetly should see or wich...
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    finaly after all these years living in the dark ages, i've got a DSL connection! one of my life goals is now accomplished! :)
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    yoooooooooo, gozers. kzit hier in zeeland en ga helemaal uit m'n plaat!!! mazzzzzzzzzzzlllllllll
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    what's a DROPCONE!!!!!!

    i need to know what a dropcone is. FASt!!!!! :warning:
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    One Sentance Story, In Your Own Native Language!!!

    LETS START THIS STORY goku liep op zondag over straat.
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    !!From Witch Continent Are U!!

    i'm just wondering, witch continent is bestest represented at this forum. so choose
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    !!message to ESF creaters!! (sponsors)

    do you guy's have sponsers to fund your activety’s (creatng esf etc) and if you don’t would the game be better and come out faster (new versions) if you had sponsors our income for the game??
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    !!!why Can's Chickens Fly!!!

    I WISH CHICKENS COULD FLY!! that would be so cool, but why don't they
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    lot's of times i post something and it isn't added to my post count. i already replyed 3 times today but my post count is still 34. howcome???:no: :cry:
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    Great Job Esf Team!!!!!!!

    i just want to say: esf 1.1 is sweet. -good installer -smoother gameplay -atacks are nicer -etc, etc keep up the good work:yes:
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    other engine???

    this is no attack on esf, i love the game!!!!!!!:yes: but... who ever has played RED Faction noticed, that you can blast complete tunnels trough the ground. in the episodes it hapends all the time (kraters and stuff like that) would it be possible to do that in esf withe the half...
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    DBGT, when in english?????

    does someone know when DBGT is going to be in english it pisses me of that GT is in Portuguese, french, spanish and other languages, except ENGLISH;( ;( ;( !!!
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    Can't find my ball!!!!!!! Need Help!!!

    Does anybody know where i can find my ball. it's the size of a football. if annybody knows something, post your reply. thanX:cry: :confused: