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  1. dakilla229

    i just want a simple cutout please

    cut out wade and the basketball please
  2. dakilla229


    I need this pic resized to be a cd cover.also can you take off the serial numbers off and with that same font and color(please) can you put 2 Dolla Bill Inc. and the other side Oscar The FreshMaster(theres 2 serial #'s Please!!!!
  3. dakilla229


    i get a site to upload midi files?
  4. dakilla229

    can some 1 find

    a pic of Amidamaru of shaman king attacking(good quality)please thx ps google and yahoo didnt help me and some1 can edit this to this color (his clothes and hair)
  5. dakilla229

    My New Wallpaper tell me what you think
  6. dakilla229

    sig request......

    can some make me a sig out of these im pushing for something like this made by sakuma
  7. dakilla229

    can someone please

    make me a sig out of these 2 pics pmin people is too much work i want my name on it wit the dbz font and glowin type of bg thx
  8. dakilla229

    have u seen....

    the new dbz game look at pics
  9. dakilla229

    have u seen....

    the new dbz game look at pics
  10. dakilla229


    knows where i can get pic of broly in dbz b3 not in battle
  11. dakilla229


    someone make me sig with seto kaibia white jacket
  12. dakilla229

    my new sig

    look critz can i get a link of a site with really cool free fonts
  13. dakilla229

    who can

    color this in??? its Amidamaru from shaman king this is how he looks like colored
  14. dakilla229

    can someone

    make a sig out of these pics with my name on it pick how its gonna look like but make it gold
  15. dakilla229

    psd cutouts

    who knows some od sites 4 psd cutouts?thx
  16. dakilla229

    my frist sig ever!!!!

    yea imma post my sig in a few but i closed my layer list and how do i get it back(ps)
  17. dakilla229

    about ps.......

    i need some graients grd files
  18. dakilla229


    can somene make me a psp wallpaper? please add anamie any u think willmake it look hot its a black wallpaper
  19. dakilla229

    convert torrent files

    cuz i downloaded metal gear solid and its torrent and i want t make it a bin file how?
  20. dakilla229

    this pics

    can someone edit this pic so the girl is leaning on a psp