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  1. EaRSH0T

    Go Devils!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    New Jersey have just won the CUP!!!!!! in a 3 to 0 win in game 7 DDDEEEVVVIIILLLSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:devgrin: :laff:
  2. EaRSH0T

    Who Would WIN (yep anuther one)

    Ok for those who know what im talking about who would win Belgarath OR Gandalf ???????? who would win i think Belgarath witch by the way is the main sorcer(spell) of the balgariad(david eddings one of the best books of all time IMO) and if u dont know whot he hell...
  3. EaRSH0T

    Metallica St.Anger CD

    whats do u guys think of their new album? they got a differnt sound now cant tell if i like it or dont but its about 51% on the good side for me goes up alil more every time i listen to it but what do u guys think of it?
  4. EaRSH0T

    Directx9 should I get it?

    i would liek to play someof the newer games that use DX9 but i know have 8.1 and would it mess up my system if i updated to it? cuz i herd alot of porblems with it specs 1ghz duron 384mbpc133 geforce3 win98se should i download this one...
  5. EaRSH0T

    Win ded.server problems

    Ok i have my router forwarding to the right stuff and when i run the HLDS in my halflife folder it says "couldnt allocatededicated server IP port" so what do i do?
  6. EaRSH0T

    Wheres the Update version?

    ok i might not have seen ot but wheres the update cuz i dont wana download the full? NEVERMIND i found it sorry for this
  7. EaRSH0T

    Sence theres no tech forum.....

    ill use this post for it if u dont mind if its in the wrong place and not alowed on this forum then go ahead and delete it Ok What do you guys think of the new video cards(ATI 9xxx line..Nvidia 5xxx line) ill start off by saying NO FLAME WARS NO NO NO ok if u had the money witch...
  8. EaRSH0T

    Splintercell PCDEMO OUT

    go to fileplanet and download it
  9. EaRSH0T

    playstaion go byebye!!!!!

    read this Originally Posted on <> and other various sources (links below) M E G A T O N The Sonic, Megaman, Mario photo has a little something extra. It also spells PS2. "Nintendo is set to file suit against Sony next week, declaring that the...
  10. EaRSH0T

    Pics of comps?

    well i dono if there is a thread or if this goes here if it dont plz mod move it to where it goes well here goes this i just a link to my site its right there(and the pic with the beam i just uploaded for my other post so go look at that one)...
  11. EaRSH0T

    look at this

    look at what i can do lol look at it go round and round and round :D
  12. EaRSH0T

    realease party?

    if i come off sounding mad and ungratefull but y didnt u guys show up? everyone was waiting and no one telling it was out the main page didnt update it for 6hours? but still im very glad it is out
  13. EaRSH0T


    ok like in the screen u guys posted soemtime ago u had in the lower left corner of the screen it had the FPS ping and all that stuff well whats the command for that?
  14. EaRSH0T

    is there nebots for beta1?

    well the sub sums it all up do u haveum?