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  1. phar4oh

    Advanced Melee

    Fighting on the ground would be pointless. You are "beam-bait" if you stay there because you get all the splash damage. No one would do it. If they DO do it it's because they're a noob and havn't figured out how to swoop yet. ...even if you didn't get beams, you would get swooped on by anyone...
  2. phar4oh

    gang melee. i rock i rock i rock!!!

    Sonic! you rock! that would work well. That would force double teams to be deliverate and not advanced melee chaos!
  3. phar4oh

    gang melee. i rock i rock i rock!!!

    Ok, having considered everything and thought about it a bit more, I agree with Ravendust about the Beams. It would be too annoying if you could be HURT by these beams... heh heh... ready for suggestion 2? OK LISTEN UP PEOPLE COS I'VE CHANGED MY MIND!!! This is the revised plan. If you are in...
  4. phar4oh

    new advanced melee idea

    I think that would get pretty crazy. I guess you would still have a time limit of how long you could smash each other at the same time for.
  5. phar4oh

    gang melee. i rock i rock i rock!!!

    Disclaimer: I just searched for my suggestion in the forums and couldn't find it so if someone else thought of it too you can kiss my butt. (I mean... you rock too :] ) Suggestion 1 ***advanced melee should not be invincible*** This will pave the way for my new dynamic plays following...
  6. phar4oh

    i crashed the server by myself, I think it was because....

    uh... sucker. Now you have to read my post. heh heh. :laff: I was playing on the ozforces server by myself waiting for someone to join. when the server crashed I was swooping everywhere. I swooped forward, back, right, back...... crash. I know people have been talking about memory...