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  1. Torlon

    Mass Mail Hoax of Dec 30

    Heh, personally I don't see what the big deal is. Minion released stuff we were going to release later anyways, oh no! Villains they are not personally I think they are just bored. Besides this just comes and goes. After all, I remember the outcasts and I remember wub. So yeah, congrats on...
  2. Torlon

    Torlon's "Vacation"

    I do infact have a small frame as it were and yes I do have broad shoulders, a side note I do wear glasses from time to time and incase you were wondering I'm 6'0" according to the Air Force... which I have to admit seems wrong. Their scale seems to add 20 pounds and shrink you two inches, I...
  3. Torlon

    Torlon's "Vacation"

    And what did you expect to see if you don't mind my asking? Most of you guys didn't turn out the way I expected either.
  4. Torlon

    Torlon's "Vacation"

    I'm from Minnesota which is fairly "Cold" aswell it's the boot camp in texas during the spring that worries me.
  5. Torlon

    Torlon's "Vacation"

    I don't know if I'll return to GS staff but I think it's likely but who knows what the future will hold. Also I don't think any of you have ever seen my face so here it is:
  6. Torlon

    Torlon's "Vacation"

    Seeing how I mentioned it earlier I think it's about time I tell everyone why I'm going to be gone for awhile. Basicly I've joined the United States Air Force and even though it's called the "easiest" boot camp/basic training I won't have internet access until I'm in technical training and even...
  7. Torlon


    You don't need to use all caps to make us ready your post seeing how we'd have to be in your thread to read it in the first place. Secondly CTDB is experimental and buggy, so even if you do everything right they still might not appear.
  8. Torlon

    Star-Wars Related MOD for HL2, need team-members

    Even though you picked a name based on one of my favorite fictional characters I'm going to have to remind you to not advertise on the ESF forums.
  9. Torlon

    It is time . . .

    Cuc you are starting to sound more and more like that Lt. from Full Metal Alchemist...
  10. Torlon

    Unable to defragment 4 BIG files! Help!

    Moved to tech area.
  11. Torlon

    Cd-Key Half Life oNe

    Welcome to ESF and you'll have to buy a copy of halflife to play.
  12. Torlon

    ESF on Half-Life 2?

    The ESF team will not be making ESF for half-life 2 *Closed*
  13. Torlon

    i need a lot of help

    First off don't double post please Second to play ESF just go to the file section of and download the newest version and install in the halflife folder (make sure you've had halflife updated before you try to play)
  14. Torlon

    help me quik plz

    You have to install it into the halflife folder and odds are you have the update so you need the earlier version of esf installed.
  15. Torlon


    That'd be a question for the AMXX forums.
  16. Torlon

    Torlon's Open Challenge

    “I killed them once and I shall do it again” Magus gloated, as the bodies of the dead miners struck. The first miner gets ripped apart by Magus’s brute strength, as does the second, but soon he gets overwhelmed. The zombies start to jump on Magus and before long there is a pile of...
  17. Torlon

    1.3 ?

    When it's done. The team has no planned release date so when it's done and when they release it.
  18. Torlon

    Torlon's Open Challenge

    As the sun rises in the east a lone figure walks in the distilment waste land while in the west the sky is black with the sounds of thunder echoing in the distance. He comes to a large opening in the dusty ground. “So this is where you hide. This shouldn’t take long” said Torlon as he...
  19. Torlon

    Torlon's Open Challenge

    Some one was foolish enough to accept my challenge and it was you of all people? Magus you shall be my first stepping stone on my way to the top. I started without defeat and I shall continue with it, so lets see what you've got.
  20. Torlon


    He would be correct. Just buy a new CD trading CD keys is against the aup.