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  1. ZalibuR

    does my sig work

    well? does it?
  2. ZalibuR

    Cant get ESF to show up at custom games

    ooo iim havin trouble 2
  3. ZalibuR

    1.2 installer vs evm

    i want ESF without halflife. Thats wat i want.
  4. ZalibuR

    testin sig

    hmmm testin
  5. ZalibuR


    testin image....
  6. ZalibuR


    uh....any1 got a CD key i can use for steam? appreciate it :)
  7. ZalibuR

    ok REALLY confused

    nope dont got HL
  8. ZalibuR

    ok REALLY confused

    hi my names zalibur (no duh) and im really confused do i absolutley need CS in order to have ESF? ESF seems so perfect but (dont laff) i cant get M games!! ;( anyways, if u taught me a way or made sum way to not have CS me and many others would be h4ppy!!