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  1. NikE

    esf map !!

    In esf 1.1 or 1.0 was one good map :laff: It was kame hause in the middle of ocean,do u know where i can download this map ? And why it isn't in esf 1.2 ant will it be in esf 1.3 version :] :smile: O_o
  2. NikE

    SIG Request !!!!!!!

    ok i need a sig. Nothing special. background should be green.My name in a corner ant a picture of piccolo :) so can anyone help me :confused: With respect NikE :yes:
  3. NikE


    I have photoshop,i tryed to create a signature all night :shocked: but... :no: :( i'm a n00b :laff: ************ :cry: i created background but i dont know how to put picture ant write name on it :S can anyone help me O_o ?
  4. NikE


    My ESF crashes and returns to desktop after a while I have new drivers.I have hl I try everything...I want to play ESF !!!!!!!! PLZ HELLP ME ! I tryed steam ant won ant its the same ****!!! ps Soory 4 my bad english ! :( :cry: :cry: