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  1. )V(SSJ3Gotenks

    dbz cartoon

    we get to wait a year man weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee isnt that fun just to see 10 epsosde;( ;( ;( ; so lets kill:devsmile: :devsmile: :devsmile:
  2. )V(SSJ3Gotenks

    Dev Journal Response

    THATS DMZS!!!!
  3. )V(SSJ3Gotenks

    bot status - vegetto dev journal

    r u spaming
  4. )V(SSJ3Gotenks

    New Splash Screen

    realy good buts its red saiyan mod
  5. )V(SSJ3Gotenks

    made a cell phone

    cell phones suck
  6. )V(SSJ3Gotenks


  7. )V(SSJ3Gotenks

    Who is the tuffest in dbz [movies & eps]

    GOTENKS RULZ DBZ!!!!!!!!!
  8. )V(SSJ3Gotenks

    Will Esf Be free?

    well duh
  9. )V(SSJ3Gotenks

    Defenition of Spam

  10. )V(SSJ3Gotenks

    Whats the Deal with BID and that other HL DBZ mod?

    so bfp had drop the name and every thing didnt they put the dbz trade mark thingy
  11. )V(SSJ3Gotenks


    thats a pretty cool idea:yes:
  12. )V(SSJ3Gotenks

    my new avatar!!!

  13. )V(SSJ3Gotenks

    hows my new sig?

    its ok
  14. )V(SSJ3Gotenks

    people cant join my server

    I WANT TO HOST! cause all the other host dont know how to kick someone
  15. )V(SSJ3Gotenks

    people cant join my server

    any help
  16. )V(SSJ3Gotenks

    people cant join my server

    i have fire wall dont i need a proprag to have people on my server
  17. )V(SSJ3Gotenks

    i want a pic of ssj5 and 6 since all of this rumor about db af

    no crap but i want to see a dumby put ssj4 goku and say its ssj11323423454546465 gohan