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  1. [SyNw]SSJ Mazen

    Help With Steam and ESF

    i got steam and esf 1.2 downloaded i installed steam and then esf but when i ran steam it didnt show that esf was there
  2. [SyNw]SSJ Mazen

    Help on the download

    for some reason everytime i download an installtion for esf 1.1 i get it and then when i click on it the install wisard starts but then it freezes, what is the problem and is anyone else experiencing this, and how can i fix it?????????
  3. [SyNw]SSJ Mazen

    One Question

    how come HL isnt working :( i havent been playing a lot and i dont know why plz answer
  4. [SyNw]SSJ Mazen


    yo can anyone plz make a sound pack for vegeta and for goku i read somewhere on one of the threads that they r making 1 for vegeta and goku thx :D
  5. [SyNw]SSJ Mazen

    ESF_NeoTournament [BACK FROM THE DEAD!]

    ok thx and what happend to ph34r site? my problem is that i stay on the comp too much and i get in trouble
  6. [SyNw]SSJ Mazen

    ESF_NeoTournament [BACK FROM THE DEAD!]

    yo satan when do u think map will be dont :S and will u host the map on the forums for dls? :) thx if u do
  7. [SyNw]SSJ Mazen

    ESF_NeoTournament [BACK FROM THE DEAD!]

    Great Map i have played this map before on dmz cause i used to be a [ph34r] memeber but now [ph34r] is out anyway its A GREAT MAP PPL u got to dl it as soon as it comes out :D