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  1. []Kirby

    Permanent Terrain Deframation - WAIT

    i wish the explosions would kick up dirt or a dust cloud that would last for like 10 second's or less yes i know thats a cost to fps but it would be cool looking and that way the black spot from the explosion could possibly be bigger then dissapear after 30 seconds
  2. []Kirby

    Corrupt a wish

    you become spiderman but while ur swinging u run out of web and fall to the ground with a spalt EDIT: NOOOOO damn that person above you rocky i wanted to be homer!!!! GRRRR ok new person! Ned Flanders HA corrupt the uncorruptable punks!
  3. []Kirby

    In-Depth Statistics

    that sounds pretty cool but for in game you would have to narrow down the statistic's or else it would just bunch up and you second idea is kinda like pycho stats for esf lol i like it :yes:
  4. []Kirby

    Good Anime

    aw hell no u did not suggest that! MaiHime is good cowboy bebop ruruoni kenshin (suggest seeing samurai x first...alteast i think thats the the movie prelude to ruruoni kenshin
  5. []Kirby

    What are you!

    alright here it goes..... 45% irish 45% german 5% scottish 5% welsh
  6. []Kirby

    Krillin Multi Disc

    vegeta only used big bang once for as far as i can remeber.... well if the disks didn't do a 1 hit KO then i would say yeah this idea is good
  7. []Kirby

    Battle Area Map

    ever seen planes dog fight? sun = ur friend when ur not looking at it and the other person is just use it to ur advantage and always check the sun for some one hiding every once in a while and u will be fine
  8. []Kirby

    Garlic Jr. Saga...

    first movie he was killed by goku when he punched him through the heart i believe after every one gave him there energy the second movie with brolly in it was when they killed him with combined kamehameha.... as for garlic jr saga well it was the first time gohan & piccolo & krillin...
  9. []Kirby

    Corrupt a wish

    you reach 12 gate but get slaughtered by umm stuff?! i wish i could dissapear
  10. []Kirby

    Whats your Name in ESF?

    [~DBZ~] Kirby is the only way to pick me out of the other kirbys cause i have seen a couple but not on as much as i am :D
  11. []Kirby

    TEEN GOHAN....SSJ2! OMG!!!!!

    HOLY CRAP!!!! how the hell can u do that in g max i can barly model in g max with out screwing up/it crashing but that is pretty fricken sweet dude only thing in gmax i can do is some awesome camera **** but thats about it
  12. []Kirby

    Dust effects? and new flying idea

    Fps any one?....but maybe some rocks and stuff like when ur charging in one place on the ground for KHH or GG/FF or some thing of that sort cause rocks and crap did start floating up when they would charge a big one
  13. []Kirby

    Attack suggestions

    ?? what does that have to do with 18 and infinate ki... as for infinate ki on ki blast/ gen beam sounds cool to me it will give her slight advantage over some one in a gen ball PS but that's about it
  14. []Kirby


    raditz would be crap cause if they did put him in who is seriously going to pick him over goku/vegeta/gohan/trunks....cause they all have ssj and what not... all other saiyians > raditz
  15. []Kirby


    ahh yes iv used this one many times my self ...and sv_cheats 1 doesn't have to be on for u to do gravity as far as i know
  16. []Kirby

    you gotta be *****in me...

    wow lol some one has alot of time on there hands even though a program did it...
  17. []Kirby

    Coolest Scenarios

    best thing iv ever done was grab a goku making a spirit bomb making it fly at another goku donig a spirit bomb killing him and making the other one come at me and throwing the one i had into it got them so mad cause they were going to see which spirit bomb + kamehameha would win...which is...
  18. []Kirby

    Two FRUSTRATING GT Questions

    ok 2 things i don't get goku can grow is tail back...which was a *** way to do it....and the other thing is how can vegeta go ooarzuu with out a tail...don't you need a tail but his was removed surgicly? and GT is the ****tiest thing iv ever seen
  19. []Kirby

    Mai HiMe

    gah! i downloaded the mai hime ep 1 and now i can't find it :( soo can some one talk to me on msn and help me out cause this is ticking me off
  20. []Kirby

    Disk idea

    im an evil bastid when it comes to disk's :D i hit u away wait for u to come flying at me and more often then not i just reach the yellow line and have a little disk and throw it at ur face where u have no time to dodge that and only that is the way to use disks cause they are to noticeable...