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  1. Serius

    Suggestions for esf 1.3

    1) in 1.1 and 1.2 Boo is the best character and in some leagues you can't play with him.. if in 1.3 he will not be able to rise up his Health and he will not start with amazing power level ( 1,200,000) it will be nice..and it will be fun to play against players that use Boo.. 2) The...
  2. Serius

    English or Japanese sounds?

    What sound pack do you prefer? English or Japanese ( sorry if i didn't wrote Japanese well..) I prefer the Japanese sounds.. it's cool :yes:
  3. Serius

    Help with mp3 player

    When i open the mp3 player editor this eror jumps plz help.. 10x
  4. Serius

    Wall Jump

    Hello Everybody.. I want to ask something... Sometimes when i trying to do a wall jump it looks like the game is stuck for a second and then the character jumps realy high... My questions - it is a bug or something? how can i do jump like this on purpose? ( if i...