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    Link Model!!

    for your third transformation you can use oni link from majora's mask:laff:
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    the saviour of strenght shenlong is cool look for your self
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    Dragonballuniverse SSJ3 Goku model and skin

    his hair is a little to short well thats what i think but its a great model one of the finnest i ever saw:yes:
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    japanese people ar not racists mr popo is the blackest black guy i ever saw :p
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    Brolli wip for all who are looking for one.

    do you have a site GG cause i like your models
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    Aint real

    in gt the highest is ssj4 no more
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    The Probably ONLY GOOD GLITCH IS...........

    i think most peeps know that:) was in a thread once :tired:
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    SSJ2 gohan, finaly skinned

    waht is saiyan crusades ???? a QIII mod? a sepreth game???? tell me more plz
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    Krillin wip, 17 wip

    SORRY oops i wanst paying attention while i was typing (i know krillin aint a saiyan) my exuses :D
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    Krillin wip, 17 wip

    can you make a ssj armord krillin? i think he is cooler than the one with hair
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    Goku wip

    the hair must be a little bit longer and more to the legs it kinda hovers from the body
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    long haired trunks model

    verry verry nice dude but ssj hair need some work but thats my oppinion
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    this is strange

    indeed reading the manual is handy lol :D
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    Krillin wip, 17 wip

    those are SWEET models looking forward for more of your work :yes: keep up the good work:yes:
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    Attacking Eternal Dragon

    how did you push over shen long?????
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    if krillin transform i though it would be cool that he got the saiyan armor instead of the hair and shirt
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    SSJ3 Goku WIP

    the hair is to short it must be knee hight and the arm are to long
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    if you transform to ssj or other you should be invincible during the trnasformation cause it would be crap if you get killed during it:D
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    hard punches

    it would be cool if you can punch somebody so hard he flies away and teleport to the other side and pnch or kick him in to the ground or air (or do more the him) like in the episodes:D
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    Belgium esf-players ?

    ik ben een britse chinees die in belgie woont:D ik ben van vlimmeren (een boerengat ergens in de kempen) trust me it's not on the map:p