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  1. GANGSTA229

    when stars fall, angels cry..

    fuc u b itch
  2. GANGSTA229

    Just Wonderin

    no ***** suck a dic
  3. GANGSTA229

    I need signature

    u fukin **** u dork
  4. GANGSTA229

    Broly drawn using paint

    its a piece of ****
  5. GANGSTA229

    when stars fall, angels cry..

    how much more are u gonna use that piece of **** pic
  6. GANGSTA229

    My Supersonic Pic :D

    piece of ****
  7. GANGSTA229


  8. GANGSTA229


    can some one make me a broly wallpaper wit broly 2 skinny forms from moive 10 and 8 purple hair
  9. GANGSTA229

    New Siggehs

    they look great
  10. GANGSTA229

    Round 2 Crackerjack vs Guest(LS)

    cracker won this 1
  11. GANGSTA229

    Sig for Ice Man

    oooooo very good sakuma yet again 1 of ur best sigs good job
  12. GANGSTA229

    The only priest I admire ^^

    :laff: good job sakuma 1 of ur best
  13. GANGSTA229

    New sig

    nice looks good
  14. GANGSTA229

    Sig for GANGSTA229

    thx really
  15. GANGSTA229

    Sig for GANGSTA229

    the 2nd one
  16. GANGSTA229

    Attemp at something new (from me)

    looks good
  17. GANGSTA229

    Sig for GANGSTA229

    Avatar its said its too big
  18. GANGSTA229

    Sig for GANGSTA229

    but u have 2 sigs
  19. GANGSTA229

    New Goku WIP

    u should put fingers
  20. GANGSTA229

    Saiyan Pride

    looks very good