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  1. Coolz_Inferno

    A question about the Console

    Hi I'm just playing with bots at the moment because I lag too much for an online game (curse you dialup) but anyway is there any Console command to boost my power level?
  2. Coolz_Inferno

    Some mistakes players can make

    Okay I thought that I would try to help out some beginners/average people in this game with some helpful advice Note: Author (me) is not an 1337 master who can pwn everyone on a server 1: Always keep your KI high. You run out of KI and your basically dead 2:Never Ever EVER EVER DISK...
  3. Coolz_Inferno

    Just an idea (maybe wrong board)

    For poor 56k users like me who cant DL from one of the servers u listed (timed out 71%) maybe u could put ESF in 10mb DLs because leaving on the internet over night for nothing is REALLY annoying
  4. Coolz_Inferno

    What was your most annoying ESF moment?

    Mine would probably be when my friends and I were playing on esf_namek I joined late and one of my friends was SS Goku (luckily we were all n00bs and we didnt know we could teleport or melee). His 'tactic' was flying up REALLY HIGH in his very un-seeable SS mode and Kame Spamming and I was...
  5. Coolz_Inferno

    Yay only 7 hours and 55 mins till I get ESF

    life with a 56k is hard and if my internet screws up o_o its taken an hour and a half to get to 23% so yeah...... I'm hoping it works with the retail CS cause if it dont ;( . yeah anyway it will be fun to verse (sp?) all of you and get OWNED or is it PWN3D in the whole hacker talk (u can see I...
  6. Coolz_Inferno

    This is a really n00b question but how do u use melee?

    I can blast people and everything but I cant get melee to work can u tell me how? also will this game work on a 56k?