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  1. LaMM

    Information Resources

    Hi all, Just a small question for all you people who seem to know a lot about computers and even more about resources to get to know about computers. I want to buy a new computer and build it myself but I am not that much into the newest developments in the hardware area so I would like to...
  2. LaMM

    FireFox and CSS

    Hi all, I need some help, and i hope someone has enough skills to be of assistance. I have made a new layout for the site of my fraternity in Holland, and it looks normal and like I intended it in IE 6.0. I also validated it with the W3C rules for both CSS and HTML. But when I checked it...
  3. LaMM


    Ok this might be a stupid question but I am just asking. It is my nature to look at problems from the financial way, studying economics and all that, so here it goes. A big problem for ESF is financing, ofcourse. Greg is great with Oktagone to host the site and forums and by that sponsoring one...
  4. LaMM

    The New Incubus CD , a crow left to the murder

    He guys, me as a big fan of incubus and rock in general just got the new cd of Incubus, called A Crow Left To The Murder, the first single is also already on MTV called Megalomaniac in which comparisons are made betweenworld leaders like Bush to Hitler and more quite political stuff is put in. I...
  5. LaMM

    My New Website

    I've made a new website on which I show all of the work I do and have done!!I'm not quite as good in anything as I want to be but I'm getting better!!!Look at the last ones with everything. Anyhow look at my site it has backgrounds, sigs, maps, programs and more! This is it's url...
  6. LaMM

    Wrong hammer window

    i've got a little hammer problem. If i start it and make it fullscreen it has a little gap at the top, so it hasn't got real fullscreen. So everytime i have to make it smaller and then resize it to fullscreen. Does anyone know what's wrong???I've got a laptop with win xp.
  7. LaMM


    I made a new map, i found it very difficult cuz it was the first time i used a hull file and it caused some problems but ive worked that all out. This map is meant to have a competition, like some 1 on 1 fights. it contains an arena + an area where you can stand an watch the fight or something...
  8. LaMM

    another melee idea

    hey all, when you look at the show you'll notice that in melee people still teleport...that's what the mainly do really. Why don't you guys implement that in the beta 1.1, that when you swoop at someone you CAN teleport this would make it way cooler and faster. You could make sure you can only...
  9. LaMM


    I've got a question for all of you esf forum members...I'd like everyone who reads this to answer!!! What lotto numbers would you can choose between 1 and 49, and you must choose 6 numbers in between them (and rather not 1,2,3,4,5,6). You can only use a number once. So i...
  10. LaMM


    Ok...this is a thread about clans...i know alot of people are against esf clans (like hibiki) so if you don't like esf clans don't read on!!! Also for the people who don't think this should be under esf chat...i think it should cuz it's about esf!!! Ok lets get further with the real topic...
  11. LaMM

    ESF Fansite New Layout

    I've made a new layout for my ESF Fansite, hope you like it...the site isn't needs alot of new updates sooooo, just wait and see. I like it, i hope you guys do to!!
  12. LaMM


    Just wanna show of my sig:P.....what do you think of it???You may also comments what music is on can also click it, it is a link, and tell me what you think of my proggress!!! Thnx in advance!!
  13. LaMM


    I think you guys should put in real songs instead of create them yourself!! But you shouldn't put in f8cked up music like Britney Spears or stupid songs like that. Just put in good music like the Doors, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, Metallica, Nickelback, Black Sabbath and go and go on!!!
  14. LaMM

    Right Mouse Button

    LIttle Question: 1. At first my sound was ****ed up, it wasnt synchrone tho the actions. But ive solved this. 2. When i press the right mouse button while charging an attack the attack will go (blast of) instead of stop powering up. And i dont know whats wrong...can anyone help me??? Btw...
  15. LaMM

    How much???

    I've got a little question, how much people are ther on the forums?? Like a 1000 or 100 but plz give me some more of a rating so we can check out how much people will play there when the beta is out!!! Thnx in advance!!!
  16. LaMM

    Little Question!!!

    I just started mapping and now i want to map for esf, ive only got one little problem/question. Can i use the textures of the normal halflife or can i only use the ones of esf (i would like to use the hl textures cuz then i've got more textures and good skies!!! THnx in advance!!!!!!
  17. LaMM

    ESF Configurations???

    I'm new to mapping but i already made a few maps but just for half-life. I wanted to create them for ESF but I have got no idea on how to configure Worldcraft or Hammer. Could someone help me on how to configure Valve (and I'd prefer some screenies of your configuration plz!!) Thnx for your...
  18. LaMM

    ESF Fansite

    My ESF Fansite is back up again and better than ever, I created a whole new layout and used another program. And I think I've come a long way since the fisrt layout. For all of your (n00b) questions, for downloads and everything else about ESF goto And please send me e-mail or...
  19. LaMM

    ESF Fansite

    My ESF Fansite is back up again and better than ever, I created a whole new layout and used another program. And I think I've come a long way since the fisrt layout. For all of your n00b questions, for downloads and everything else about ESF goto And please send me e-mail or...
  20. LaMM


    I have a question, you know that in the Alpha the starting Powerlevels of the different characters are different, Goku is 1000000 and Vegeta is 750000. So if Goku and Vegeta start Goku almost always wins the first few fights. So I don't think that's really fair (in the exception of Vegeta and...