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  1. Trunks_rox

    First person

    I like esf because i can be a charater in dbz but when i use first person i cant see the arms when i use a blast this would make my day. I would also like to see some android action like 16, 17, and 18.
  2. Trunks_rox

    Piccolo Duplication

    At the start of DBZ Piccolo Duplicates to train so what if you could make a bot clone. Tien can also use it to. and cell could make cel.jr's
  3. Trunks_rox

    Refs for Ultimet ssj trunks

    Hi I am making a new Model for trunks because when I first went ssj with him it was not the overly buff hero I thought was the cooles so any refs or pics would help alot. sory if I dont post very often but I work an 8 hour day so i usilly only Moudle one hour a week.
  4. Trunks_rox


    Hi I heard fome one of my friends who are a memer of this site so don't say i'm stupide. He said that some one is making a Brolly model and i went crazy because he is one of my favoret charters. I just want to know if this is tru or my friend deserves a smack. Thx for helping