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  1. MasterTrix

    Hmmpf, new stuff

    Yoyo, it's been a while (again) since I visitted this forum, the only reason is because I suck at the game. I sucked at it since the beginning of time, nah, jk, since the new melee system came, I can't seem to block anythng ... oh well, can some1 tell me what's new in the new patch 1.2.1 ?? I'm...
  2. MasterTrix

    Wassup guys

    heyhey, wow, this sure has been a looooooooooong time since I've been here .... hmmm a year? dunno, i've been kinda busy with skool and stuff. Almost had to double my year, close call. but now I'm back, and imma start playing again, maybe I'll go back to the hosting site, (**** I forgot the name...
  3. MasterTrix


    I have a question about Darktooth's Aura pack. The turbo. I searched like every ESF site but couldn't find it. He updated Darkone's. Can some1 give me a link cause I am really fed up with it, can't find it anywhere, not eveen on esf-world thanks
  4. MasterTrix

    Bad? prolly :x

    I am so noob, so give me a break ;) This one I made recently. I don't think it's that bad, I could have made the white lines less thicker.
  5. MasterTrix

    User CP

    Hi, I have a question about the USER CP. It's about the signature thing. Is it just me or can't I make a lign glow anymore ... I did it before on this forum, but the same command doesn't work now. It's very strange, does some1 know an answer in this? Or is it just the forums, are they working on...
  6. MasterTrix


    So I downloaded ESFbeta1.1, and I want to play it on WON, should I install it into SIERRA\Half-life\ ??? Will I then be able to play it on WON? Please help, thanks guys.
  7. MasterTrix


    I downloaded ESFbeta1.1 and I want to play it on WON. What do I do because it's only the file. Do I drag the folder to SIERRA\Half-Life\ ??? Please help me.
  8. MasterTrix

    ESF on WON

    Heya, I have ESF on steam, and I want it on WON again. not many servers on Steam yet. But I kinda don't remember how I can play back on WON. I still have the map sierra .... stuff like that. Please help me out, thanks ;)
  9. MasterTrix

    I challenge YOU!

    Ins4nity^ !! get your but over here. I want to challenge you... altho, you were the one saying I was a noob, and making stupid and pathetic jokes about my "mother" that's for little babies m8. Now accept my challenge and you'll die! If not, YOU will be the noob. pfuh. I don't let people make fun...
  10. MasterTrix


    Hey, how do you put ligns on your signature ... hmm How do I say it in english .... a square, around your signature. hmmm, in dutch; Lijnen zoals bij een kader. Lijnen die je sig omringen, maken ze mooier.
  11. MasterTrix

    Hardest 2 beat

    Hey, I think I knowdest EvilBuu is the hardest charac to defeat ... avarage player that is. Because he's so fast ... Am I right? EvilBuu or SSJ Vegeta. Now I think Buu his PL is way to high when you begin .... Compared to Gohan .... oh Well, I tried to defeat that guy :) I could sometimes, but...
  12. MasterTrix

    mp3 ESF

    Heya, I want to play with mp3 music on when I fight en stuff .... But when I'm in the middle of a fight, or I go in the option menu, or console etc. It kinda stucks, he keeps repeating himself. It's very annoying and I really want some music on. Please don't say reïnstall, my HD won't be able...
  13. MasterTrix

    Melee Fights!

    This might sound stupid and newbish but It's been bugging me for a long time. When my PL is like .... erm 2 million, and another dude's is 1,5 million, Than sometimes I keep losing head-ons, I don't know how it comes but I'm so weak. Now it's been 6 months since I played so I lost most of my...
  14. MasterTrix


    I can't move, can't do anything because my controls aren't working, I can't hange my controls, I can't see nothing when I click on "keyboard" (Steam) Please help me, this is ****ty :no: :cry:
  15. MasterTrix

    How to Install steam?

    I'm very sorry I start this up again, but the previous post (sticky) was closed, Well, anyway. I tried evrything on the tutorial page, I looked at SteamPowerd but I can't seem to get the 'Third party games" of ESF. It's very weird because I DID place it in here -> C...
  16. MasterTrix


    I misted a few months, but i see beta 1.1 is finally out. i downloaded it immediately but something bothers me. many servers block Trunks' melee mode, thats pretty **** !! anyways ... I like the beta 1.1 and guru is now my favourite map. it has everything, water, big rocks, bumps, holes ...
  17. MasterTrix

    i gave t a try

    I tried something else, it kinda sucks, it took me 10 minutes. i think i'll stick with the 2 i have now ... CRITS ??? maybe now, some1 will reply ... :S
  18. MasterTrix


    erm, is this just me or do you guys all have black borders on your sigs? i don't know how to do that, any help ??
  19. MasterTrix


    Ok, here's a new colour, but i've made a mistake, i've closed photoshop and i have re-opend it, but when you do that, you have 1 layer (when u've saved your stuff) so i couldnt change anything anymore without the pic being ***** up. so the Goten pic, the big one, was supposed to be on the bg...
  20. MasterTrix


    Yes, i can finally post my new sig, my host was down for a week. well, ... I also made a one with Buu in it (not totally the same) but i don't like it. it's bad. i hope i've shown some improvements ... crits? EDIT* oh yea, also a new avatar.