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  1. J fox

    Half Life 2 cross Monster Mash song. Something a guy made. Kinda crazy but a good laugh as well and i think its from Garrys mod not sure.
  2. J fox

    A intresting i found in a shop

    I saw a Vaccume Cleaner called Piccolo the other day when i went into town just something i thort you guys might want to know.
  3. J fox

    Neverwinter Nights 2

    I hear its going to be good i sure hope you can shapeshift like in the first one like shift into a dragon lol that would be fun in multiplayer games. Gamespot has some intresting stuff on the game what have you guys found?
  4. J fox

    Another hit Peter Brocks last drive

    those who follow our sports in Australia another harsh blow
  5. J fox

    Half Life 2 and OP4

    this is a thing iv allways tryed to figer out, what became of Adrian Shephard in the 2nd half life, is he part of the combine or what?
  6. J fox

    a funny Vegeta thing

    when i was doing some shopping i went to where thay have beef stock and stuff and there was a gormay beef stock called Vegeta i dont know if it was made in china or japan its just quite funny and stange and i wonder if the name Vegeta came from that hmm
  7. J fox

    werewolf games or mods

    sorry if this is in the wrong place but do u guys know of eny werewolf games? or eny werewolf mods 4 half life
  8. J fox

    fav mortal or immortal race

    the human race sucks in the pc world thay can be called tarrans for there cappabillaty to live enywhere eny way this post is about what mortal or immortal race u like in eny game or video etc hmmm i think mine is a khajiit
  9. J fox

    the warriors words

    this post is about the warriors sayings and things or what to fight 4 post things in of what Vegeta or what eny other warrior had or would say i know some lets see..... ahh yes star wars KOTOR:a real warrior doesnt flea from battle he/she fights 2 the end no matter the odds star wars...
  10. J fox

    tips of the day

    i think there should be a tips of the day thing for esf so that noobs would know how 2 do things u could put funny tips in 2 like dont run with spiret bombs or dont do hand stands with finel flash :)
  11. J fox

    fake death

    i think there sould be something there so u can fake death like u r in mid air and u press f and u fall to the ground like u were killed in the air this would be good if u were low on ki or want to go undetetded
  12. J fox

    multi malee

    iv been thinking iv seen alot of dbz eposodes where theres a 3 or 4 way malee battle going on can that be done in half life? u still will be proteted from beams just not from other peaple who malee. itll be funny 2 see 8 guys like 4 good and 4 evil maleeing at the same time in the same spot...
  13. J fox

    new glasses

    iv just gotten my new glasses today god dam thay where not cheap can u guys post some things up so i can test them? PS:sorry if this is in the wrong place
  14. J fox

    a old and big question

    umm not to be rude but what r thay thinking about the creaiters of this mod the past and the menny menny betas 2 come but more importently beiond that what is the fucher of ESF? <bad spelling> this is the big 1 all want anserd^ and what was the founders dream on the mod? like mind bogling...
  15. J fox

    another question

    what is dragonball AF? i do not know what it is my guss is that it is much diffrent than nomal dragonballz
  16. J fox

    a question the Phoenix

    this is quite strange can u guys tell me what is the Phoenix bird iv been seeing allot of things and talk about it is it a legend or something?
  17. J fox

    frag unlocking

    iv had a idea i dont know if this has been talked about but u guys keep saying that super moves r 2 powerfull or no fusen or spamming wishes then how about useing frags as unlocking points like u want the super kamehameha but 2 power full once uv got enuff points or frags u can unlock it but...
  18. J fox

    Aliens vs. Predator movie & doom 3

    the Aliens vs. Predator movie is gonna come out soon in austalia i cant wait thay say arnold is gonna be in it but not for long hmmm his got more better things to do i guss its gonna be cool to see aliens going at war at the predators :) doom 3 is gonna be ok but thay sould think about the...
  19. J fox

    that does it

    thats it im outta here im so sick and tierd of peaples childish remarks and peaple aguing amunkt them selfs and putting eachother down i may or may not come back depense how humen u guys r i dont cere what u have to say things like that should never have been sead on this forum u guys have...
  20. J fox

    zoom in

    u could put a zoom in feacher like in the cartoon where thay can see long distence so u can use lasers or beams more easy since u guys put combos in and malee u could put a zoom in thing for them peaple who hate combos and malee for balence itl save the trubble of being hit wile chargeing sinse...