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    PC Problems-Need Help!

    I need helping fixing my pc, here is a description of the problems. It happens when I play swg, HL1, or Path of Neo. When ever I hold a direction key to long (WASD), my computer character gets locked in that direction. I try doing other actions while it's moving in the last direction I pushed...
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    ESF's Goals and Ideas.

    I was in a match one day and I was playing my best(damn Gman, I will destroy you...)and I had a idea, but before I post it under suggestions I was wanting to know what ESF goals are before I post this.
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    Attackers and Defenders, Can you help?

    After having fighting a few 30 people today, I noticed how much the melee system made ESF...boring.I was fighting in countless servers today just to see how many people who actually fight me, instead of waiting for me to attack first than swoop. Out of the whole thing only 2 people. Panther from...
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    Adult Gohan, thank you...

    I was looking at 1.2 outline, I and I saw Adult Gohan, as a possiblity. How many people actually think Adult Gohan should be added. I hope everyone, cause I know I do.
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    Pest of ESF

    I just got my ESF working again, and this is my 4th full day on it. Well, today while I was playing(owning + and teaching) I came across some guy who join the "Spectator" team. Well when he joined it. I thinking, "Hmm, he might be good." So I began to engage him in melee. It would have made you...
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    Client Crash?

    For some odd reason, when I try to connect to a server it just freezes up on 117, and just says connected to server. Normally I can ESC out, but even that is not a option. I am not sure what wrong, but if anyone can help me. P.S. Groovy, after watching your fight with Bio Brolli, I have...