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    black background?

    Hi Since I've played on a server, that changed my settings my hit and scouter text looks so: could somebody tell me if its normal or how to erase the background? thx Kazzak
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    Changed cvars?

    plz help me I've joined a server and there was a text like this: configuring everyone's CVars for better performance... CVars set now if someone talks the text is green is it ok or can you tell me how to reset it? thx for help
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    Budokai Tournament

    Hi can you tell me a good Budokai Tournament map ? working on 1.2 thx :)
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    can't block throws?

    How to block throws?
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    how to perform a combo?

    Hi On the Main Page I saw a pic that shows a combo move and i want to know how does it work? thx for answers
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    no servers?

    Hi I'm new and want to know if there aren't any servers with ppl :shocked: edit: how can i use bots?