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    goku... i am your father

    jeah true, but he has it in the fights so i think it would be nice to have it. but anyway model looks good so far, keep up the good work.
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    goku... i am your father

    please don't forget adding the red bandana to the model, cause it makes him look realy cool and way agressive.
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    Darksun Goku

    looks good so far, but he seems a bit "fat" in side View, shouldn't he have mor "breast" ?
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    goku... i am your father

    looking good, but don't forget to add his frontbound. Bardock ownz!
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    ESF_NeoTournament [BACK FROM THE DEAD!]

    are there any updates out there, i think that map realy pwnz :) in other words i've just bumbed that thread...^^ (don'T kill me @Mods)
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    Piccolo WIP

    are there any updates ? *can't wait for this model*
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    Freeza Form 4 WIP

    Kreshi i think you are looking for the word bad. (soo scheisse is ms3D ja auch nich) btw: didn't know that you are speeking german (nice to know that i'm not the only one) @your model. The Neck should be longer, i have no pics so i can't show it to you (no WebSpace) Sorry guys but i'm...
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    Darksun Goku

    @Darksun this model great, i realy like that "pissed of" guko, cause we are fighting in this game, and not joking... i have no critics for this model, exept maybe for the hair, i don't know why, but it looks like it doesn't match (but i could be wrong = not sure about this) @Element4q2...
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    Piccolo WIP

    best piccolo i ever saw. verry good *without words*
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    @German Boy well let's say....'s a start, keep on working and you'll improve your skill.... PS: was ist mit deiner Gramatik passiert? Irgendwie verwendest du "etwas" eigenwillige Zeitformen, bzw vermischst du sie ziehmlich stark... eg: "ok i looked on the model of azn but i...
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    Maybe BD- Goku (normal- SS3, maybe also SS4) WIP

    verry nice model!:) kepp up the good work
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    wow, looks nice, keep it up!
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    Solidus Returns

    how is the work going on ? i realy like this face....looks pretty cool.
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    Perfect cell tread #2

    well i've got DirectX9 and neither the Plugin, nor the Image is showing something (image Error, Plugin don't load) BTW: are you guy's may able not to use this sort of plugin ? may be some o f the users just have 56k...and some are using mozilla (this plugin is not avable for mozilla). And i...
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    i am boredom;s hostage =(, heres a WIP tapion

    that sucks. I've deinstalled my IE because that browser is so damn slow (and completly useless for me) And what do I see, there is no such plugin for Netscape or Mozilla....****... -- EDIT: didn't know that s.h.i.t is a bad word, here in germany it is often used with the meaning of...
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    Solidus Returns

    wow, your work is impressive!
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    i am boredom;s hostage =(, heres a WIP tapion

    well i don't see the picture. But i like this guy!
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    fighting MONSTERS?

    where can i get it? and will it alsow work with CS?
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    CC trunks

    looks cool, keep it up.
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    EVM Promo Pics

    Gohan & Krillin fuse ? As i know the 2 who fuse have to be almost equal in PL. Gohan is stronger than SSJ3 (Buu-Saga[Mystic]) Krillin is weak (compared to him)