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    ESF bot

    can anyone give me a link to the ESF bot please? evidently a news post was made, and someone was too lazy to make a news archive....
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    something for cheat hungry people :P

    what the hell? do these people just flame right out at my suggestion without thoroughly understanding it? All I asked for is some kind of like sv_cheats type stuff, you know like iddqd or idkfa from doom to give all weapons and god mode in singleplayer? CS is bad because of all the...
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    something for cheat hungry people :P

    I like playing around in games sometimes, ya know....go into a single player game, turn on god mode, get infinite weapons and ammo... why not implement something of the sort that can be used under sv_cheats or whatever? like infinite ki, god mode, get every move, etc...
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    are we forgeting somthing?

    no planes can reach it? what about in the android saga when bulma flew up there? lol
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    interesting demo I made

    just got new comp, so I can play with 31 bots in a lan game and still get pretty good fps, and while I was playing I made a funny demo.....I don't know if this has been reported
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    default Perfect Cell model messed up

    my pcell model looks screwed up, is it me or is everyone's like this?
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    Bug regarding PLs and Death

    yeah, that **** is freaky, I was just in a game, and I suicided until I was 8.5 mill as a normal saiyan, then went ssj, I was 17 mill, then went turbo and I was 21 mill it also lags the server like **** I was just showing it to someone, and a guy tried it too much and crashed the server :(