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    Fight Club Bios

    Name:Twister Height:6'3 Weight:184Lbs Age:20 Hair:Black spiked Body:Muscular(Not Huge,Not Small) Clothing:Black Trench Coat,Leather Pants,BackSheath Weapons:A Mystical Blade That has Aura coming off of it Fighting Style:Tae Kwon Do,Kung Fu,Ninjitsu Abilities:Super...
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    Sig request please These are ok if you have better use...
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    Sig request please

    Can some one make me a sig any size like normal size with Vicious(Cowboy Bebop) in it made like 2 or 3 pics? Oh and can you put TwIst3r777 on it.
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    bob.. the hobo-samurai

    That cigar looked like a ring on a sixth finger the first time i saw it. yea it does remember kind of like ghost dog off of the last samurai.
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    Budokai 2 pic

    Does this look wrong?,4618,a=110574&po=10,00.asp Or.... Painful?
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    Adult Swim Trigun

    TriGun comes on Adult Swim tonight on CaroonNetwork!! lol triguns awesome just wanted to inform some of you
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    Can Some one make a logo for me

    Send me a IM At Twister0007 for details
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    Some of my DBZ drawings

    They all look nice but seriously those proportions are horrible keep it at
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    New Goku Drawing!!!

    The Eyes and the eyebrows are out of proportion, one ear is bigger then the other one, the one spike going across his hair is messed up, one shoulder is bigger then the other,the hands need lots of work, the head is to small for the body, he has no nose, he has no line above his fore head, the...
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    SSJ3 Vegeta

    no the problem with it is the front of his hair is sticking straight up where it should be slanted back
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    Update pic

    Hey i improved my pic alot i think here it is
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    Pic i drew

    Update! yea i know i still need to draw the face but im bad at that crap i double posted
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    Pic i drew

    if you could tell me how to make my pic smaller in photo express 3 i would should a update pic / its me gojita
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    Adult Swim

    G gundam and cowboy bebop