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    Sprite (?) Question.

    Howdeh. ^^ I was wondering what the file name for the Explosions in ESF are? Mainly due to the fact that those explosions that fan outwards (IE, the ones that explode and fill the map but never implode) Kill my framerate to death. And me, whom has to play the game in SOFTWARE mode...
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    Personal modeling highs, and lows

    Heh, just because I'm bored and have nothin' better t'do... I thought it would be interesting to see modelers Highs and Lows. Heh, course it's optional, but I think it would be kinda cool. :D So post what you think is your best AND worst model (If you still have it/Have pics of it) (if...
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    Original Models?

    Other models? Alrighty, I myself have never been much into the whole DBZ thing... I mean, I could never see myself liking, even though I've tried, a show where it's 15 minutes of one guy gawking at another guy's power, 5 minutes of fighting and 5 minutes of what usually turns out to be mindless...
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    Senzu bean model too low?

    Well, by extremely lucky happenstance, I managed to find Senzu beans on one map... And I found out why no one can find 'em... They're invisable! Eaither that or the model is a tad too low... Anywho, it seems whenever a senzu bean is NOT thrown (at which point it takes the physics of a...
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    Ki ball/Powerstruggle bug

    Alrighty, here's a real annoying bug... When you fire a beam at a regular Ki ball... You start to Power struggle it! Leaving you sitting there like a giant neon sign that says 'Kill me'. x.X This most commonly happens when yer chargin' a beam, then someone decides to make like a Gorilla...